Our Website Results Guarantee – Websites that Transform Businesses!

With 2021 around the corner get a BRILLIANT new website now and get ahead of your competition for the new year! Get in quick and skyrocket your business!

We have been injecting over 12 years of offline and online digital marketing insights, expertise and experience into every website project we have ever designed and built in the last 8 years! The websites we create are strategically crafted to dramatically increase your conversion rates (leads, enquiries and direct sales)! 

We are also expert traffic-driving strategy professionals, process automation, integration & innovation developers, brand developers, graphic designers, marketers, SEOers and HD video specialists.

When you work with us, you work with a dedicated account manager. When you call or email us, you are not fobbed off to a stranger or a different person each time who has no knowledge of your project, needs, requirements and goals. You work with a dedicated team (dedicated to you and your goals) who each believes that business is about building relationships, forming and establishing trust and delivering REAL results!

Jay Daniells is our lead website designer. He has over 17 years in website design, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), website strategy, front-end development, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), digital marketing, Google Ads, sign-writing, print graphic design and MUCH more. He is backed by an expert AUSTRALIAN developer team, one of THE best website hosting technician teams in Australia and fellow SEOers and digital marketers!

When you work with us not only do you get the BEST customer experience and greatest results, you are also working with Australians! Your hard-earned dollars stay in the local economy and help support fellow Australian families.


Highly Appealing and Yield Results

We craft your website so it is highly appealing to your ideal buyers and target audiences. This ensures it will convert. Our website designers also focus on making you stand out from your competitors.


A Traffic Driver

Employ traffic driving strategies so LARGE amounts of people discover your website, month in month out when they are searching for products and services you offer.


A Marketing Machine!

Your website will become what we call a ‘performer website’ – aka: ‘A marketing machine’! Your website won’t be a generic lacklustre average low converting website. Your website will be a true ASSET!


Results Guaranteed

Because we have been producing ‘performer websites’ for over 15 years, we can provide a results guarantee


Website Writing

If you don’t have time to write your website text or don’t feel comfortable doing it, we can write it for you. It is one of our many services. If you want or need a blog, we can write, co-write and publish them for you too.

Our Results Guarantee: If your new website does not start showing results within 3 months from the time it is launched, we work for free until it does. *

* Terms and conditions apply.

Websites that Empower Your Marketing

Professional crafted websites are not only a combination of visual design, visual impact and messaging are also customer and conversions focused! Modern custom website design solutions should not only look good and load fast but be a marketing workhorse (a marketing machine) that operates 24/7 for your business! Every page within your website should be strategically crafted to convert your visitors into new customers! This is why we ensure our website designers are also marketing experts. We know how to make your website become a MASSIVE ROI (return on investment) asset and marketing machine for your business!


Website Design

Professional website design is strategic, it’s not just about the visuals. It is about what your website communicates, the language used, the ‘tone’ of the design, the appeal of the design, how it conveys trust, initiates conversation, and the ability to encourage and compel website visitors to perform actions (eg. enquiry and buy from you).


Website Development

Code as art, from simple developments, WordPress development to complex web applications, membership systems and eCommerce shop websites that match your business’s specific requirements.


Website Improvements

We provide website improvements from minor edits, site updates, banners, landing pages, online lead capture systems and online sales funnels to full-scale website redesigns and technology migrations and improvements.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

As website and marketing experts we have the skills to dramatically improve the sales conversion rates of your website, to dramatically increase your bottom-line (your business sales, revenue and profits). After all, that is what owning a high-quality website (or websites) is all about!

We provide interest-free repayment plans if needed.

Your goals and success matters to us!

Even though a website is your primary online business representative and central to your marketing success, a website that is not easily find-able in Google (and Bing) for search terms people use to find the types of products and services you provide, is not a website that will yield much (if any) ROI (return on investment) results.

However if the below ingredients are professionally and effectively implemented, your website will become a ‘performer website’:


A strategic plan


An excellent and highly effective modern mobile phone friendly website design


A highly effective traffic driving strategy


Built according to the Google Best Practice Website Compliance Guidelines


Excellent content and text


A highly effective conversions strategy

“We found Jay and his team at Green Valley Digital to be highly enthusiastic. It was infectious! They are ‘walking-inspiration’ in our book! Not only are they all passionate and highly skilled people, they are easy to work with & easy to chat with…. and WOW their weekly or fortnightly one-to-one sessions are amazing! Book in with Jay for this; you will not be disappointed!”

“Over the past four years, Jay and his team from Green Valley Digital have provided us with exceptional production, development and ongoing support of our North Brisbane Partners in Recovery websites. He has been incredibly patient, accommodating and understanding with our requirements, even when timeframes seem unreasonable due to our last minute requests and deadlines. Jay and his team are reliable, responsive, open with their communication and strive to keep us up to date during any of our projects. We value his knowledge and expertise and will continue to support his business for ongoing and new projects.”

“This is no ordinary business! We have worked with other SEO agencies and website designers and marketers before but found they were lacklustre to say the least! They kept us in the dark, took our money but delivered very little in the way of assistance or growth for our business… there was no profit increase what-so-ever. Jay and his team are the complete opposite! They are incredible! We receive regular updates from them, SEO rank reports, analytics reports (that are easy to understand), amazing data from HotJar (if you have not used this software, we highly recommend you do), our website now looks fantastic AND they have helped us reach every single one of our goals! Thank you SO much to Jay and the team! We wished we were referred to you years ago!”

“Our old website was ugly, uninspired and unwelcoming and we didn’t rank in Google, nor did we often receive online enquiries. Then we approached Jay. He provided us with a fantastic new website that truly reflects our business and its values. It has dramatically increased our visibility in Google and number of enquiries. Jay and his team delivered on all this superbly! Jay even educated us on Google ranking, SEO, Adwords, landing pages, industry benchmarking, eNewsletters and much more. We also found Jay to be very collaborative; he would and still does always respond to emails and phone calls quickly (even later in the evenings). Thank you Jay!”

“We recently got our website created by the Green Valley Digital team! OMG, what an amazing experience and an amazing website! We decided to go with the highest level of website service. The dedicated Zoom sessions each week made it soo easy for us to get the planning of the new website done and made us feel extremely confident that we had chosen the right team to create our new site. During the project, we also learned a LOT of new skills to bring more traffic to our website. Jay even provided us with excellent videos on YouTube to watch and free courses that we could do. We did it all! We’re now doing more training with Jay and are seeing big gains in traffic to our new website, AND big increases in sales! Thank you soo much Jay and GVD!

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Let’s have a chat. Call us on 1300 887 427 and speak with our qualified web consultant about your website challenges. We’ll listen, get to know you and provide no obligation free advice.

New-look Website, Fixes, Updates and Website Security

Some agencies and freelancers will only work with clients that have large growth goals. That is NOT the case with us. If you just want a fresh new website, or need your existing website fixed or need your website security updated, we are more than happy to provide our services. Same too if you want print, web, or social media graphics created or any other creative media service including logo design, signage, illustration, animation, video or ANY other thing. 

We’re Fast at Delivering Websites

We understand how daunting it can sometimes be to get a new website. Over the years we have developed and refined an easy process which helps you arrange your logo, website text, images, videos (if you want to include video), PDF documents (and any other downloads) plus any other materials you want to include in your website. We can also take photographs using our DSLR camera and as mentioned above, write the text for you if you desire. Some agencies and freelancers take months to finish your new website. If the materials are supplied and/or created efficiently we can have your new website launched in a matter of weeks!

Easy to Update, Security and Hosting

A modern website needs to be easy to login and update. It also needs to be secure to prevent hacks, malicious virus installs, site deletion and other very nasty activities: 


Easy to Login and Update Yourself

All websites we provide allow you to easily login and update the site yourself. It is VERY easy to do plus we provide training, tutorial videos, phone and email support (if ever needed). Your website will save you a LOT of time, money and effort keeping it up to date and accurate. Side note: If you don’t have time to update your site, we are always on call to help.


Website Security

We provide advanced Website Security services. We also regularly backup your website. If you are worried that your existing website is not secure, we can also do a website security audit (check) for you. 


Website Hosting, Email and Domain Name Registration

We take care of all the boffin stuff so you don’t have to worry about it. We offer all manner of website hosting packages for all business types. We also have a variety of business grade email options. Plus we register and renew domain names. If you have already registered your Domain Name that is no problem… we often work with clients who already have a Domain Name registered.  Note: if you prefer to host with a 3rd party, we can do that too, permitting they are reputable, secure and pass other quality checks. 


Free or Paid SSL Security Certificate

We install a quality free SSL Security Certificate into every website we create. Or if you want to pay for a higher level SSL Certificate we resell all the options that TrustWave provide.


Less Spam

Do you get a lot of spam in your email? A lot of it comes from your email address being exposed on your website (without your knowing) and through the forms setup on your website. If you want email addresses on your website we encrypt them to stop them being harvested by spammers. We also have very advanced methods to filter and also heavily reduce the amount of spam you receive through your website forms.

Queensland Based

Our headquarters is in the tranquil Bundaberg region. We choose this location because it is central to the Wide Bay, Burnett, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Northern NSW, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and inland (and many other areas of Australia). We also have team members in Cairns and Brisbane. Some of our senior team travel regularly to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Agnes Water and other areas. Wherever possible we support businesses, organisations, NFP’s, events, groups, clubs, individuals, etc — in various areas of Queensland and interstate. We believe in giving back and paying it forward. We are a digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Adwords, web design/ development, traffic & conversions, social media, graphic design, video, animation, brand development and creative media team who believe in giving back. We very much enjoy building new and long term, productive trust-based relationships with all our clients. Chat with us too about being an in-kind sponsor for your next event. We are happy to talk about providing our marketing services in exchange for exposure.

An example video recently created

Below is a video recently created by our sister business To The Point Productions. We will add other videos that we have created here soon too.

A very small sample of our work

Below is just a very small sample of our website work. Other examples of our work are in our website folio. Please note that a lot of our work is created under non-disclosure client agreements so we can not publish it on our website.

Modern Thinking, Traditional Values

Your experience with us will be personalised, friendly, familiar, fair and focused. We are ethical, enthusiastic and dedicated. Over the years we have assisted businesses in regional, large city and rural areas transform and elevate their online presences, marketing and advertising into true business assets that have helped them achieve desired increases in sales and profits. We work tirelessly. Most of us grew up or have lived in rural areas. Majority of us have also lived in larger cities. We have team members in Bundaberg, Brisbane and Cairns. We travel as needed. We work with clients in many areas.

Below is what just a few of our clients say…

Ready to receive more business?

Let’s have a chat. Call us on 1300 887 427 and speak with our qualified web consultant about your website challenges. We’ll listen, get to know you and provide no obligation free advice.

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    We use a variety of modern software tools in order to get best results for our clients. These are just some of them:

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