October 16, 2020
by Green Valley Digital
September 8, 2020
by Green Valley Digital

THERE IS STILL TIME! So far several of our clients have had their Grant applications approved and have received the money. We are now helping them recover, grow and succeed! Good news! There is still time to apply for the Grant if you are in Regional or Rural Queensland. The info on the Qld Gov […]

July 15, 2020
by Green Valley Digital
Posted In Blog

This is really sad and we have no words. “Former MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara has died suddenly aged 49 after reportedly suffering a brain aneurysm.” He seemed like a very, very kind, genuine person… and amazing at what he did and could do. If you’ve not yet read the article on the  ABC website, here […]

July 9, 2020
by Green Valley Digital

Exporting and importing posts and/or pages from one WordPress website to another is simple, easy to do and most know how to do it… if they’ve been running WordPress websites for any amount of time. Importing the images though is lesser-known and requires a few extra steps. This tutorial is short and will save you hundreds of hours if you tried to do this manually… if you have 100’s of posts to move.

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