Advanced Thermography

In 2018 Advanced Thermography approached us to create a new website for them. They had an existing website but whoever created it did a bad job. It did not perform for their business and in the end, it got hacked. They needed a new website FAST.

We explained the benefits of a One-page website strategy. Advanced Thermography saw its immense value of this and agreed to it. They ended up asking for a package deal including:

  • Refreshing their logo design (enhancing the existing logo design)
  • A one-page website, with a blogging system 2 additional dedicated content pages added
  • Simple integration with their online booking system
  • The design and printing of new business cards

We had the logo refreshed and the website created and launched within 2 weeks. The website was then launched. It also included an online booking system.

There were very happy with our process and the end result.

You can view the website here: