What Our Clients Say…

“Over the past four years, Jay and his team from Green Valley Digital have provided us with exceptional production, development and ongoing support of our North Brisbane Partners in Recovery websites. He has been incredibly patient, accommodating and understanding with our requirements, even when timeframes seem unreasonable due to our last minute requests and deadlines. Jay and his team are reliable, responsive, open with their communication and strive to keep us up to date during any of our projects. We value his knowledge and expertise and will continue to support his business for ongoing and new projects.”

Brisbane North PHN – BRISBANE Australia

“We are extremely proud to direct customers to our new website constructed by Jay and his team. Bundaberg Sandblasting offers a large diverse range of Abrasive Blasting and Protective Coating applications, we wanted to showcase all our business has to offer. It was very early on that we realised how big our website was going to be just to include all that we do. Jay has been able to create an easy smooth flowing site that includes loads of information, photos, video clip, social media links, blogs and most importantly a very efficient contact us and quote page. We would recommend the Green Valley Digital team to anyone looking at building a new website, updating an older site, or needing a hand with the ins and outs social media.”  [View the Case Study]

Wayne & Emma Edwards

Bundaberg Sandblasting – Business Owners, BUNDABERG Australia

“Our old website was ugly, uninspired and unwelcoming and we didn’t rank in Google, nor did we often receive online enquiries. Then we approached Jay. He provided us with a fantastic new website that truly reflects our business and its values. It has dramatically increased our visibility in Google and number of enquiries. Jay and his team delivered on all this superbly! Jay even educated us on Google ranking, SEO, Adwords, landing pages, industry benchmarking, eNewsletters and much more. We also found Jay to be very collaborative; he would and still does always respond to emails and phone calls quickly (even later in the evenings). Thank you Jay!”  [View the Case Study]

Alex Bramley

Hinkler Podiatry – Co-business Owner, BUNDABERG Australia

“I have worked with Jay Daniells and his team for a variety of web projects, namely the Bundaberg Crush Festival website and now the Bundaberg Regional Galleries website. I have no hesitation in recommending Jay to other businesses and potential clients, as I know that I’m getting the best value for money as well as lots of added advice on SEO and techniques and tips to use that will make my website’s the best they can be and easiest to find for our target audience.

The way Jay and his fellow development team design and build their websites and the way they setup the Admin back-end is impressive. The Admin is so simple and easy to use which means editing, adding and changing text and other elements is fast, intuitive and no fuss. When Jay builds these sites he also gives me the ability to update just about every part of the website – this is typically NOT something other Developers provide. It therefore also means I spend less money on site updates because I can do more myself.

The continuity of service and recommendations Jay continues to provide throughout the web development process and post-launch are invaluable and the reports on offer give me a great insight into my marketing metrics and whether I need to “tweak” some elements to improve the usability and functions of certain pages within the site.

I have worked with other Web Agencies in the past and used other website CMS’s – Concrete5, Drupal, Joomla etc but the WordPress CMS websites that Jay provides are by far the easiest to use, edit and manage.”

Jess Marsellos

Bundaberg Regional Galleries – Former Marketing & Sponsorship Officer, BUNDABERG Australia

“I have been working with Jay Daniells since early 2013. My WordPress website/ blog was well overdue for some extra elements to be added to help it along, but I had no support from the company that originally got me up and going. From my initial conversations with Jay, I could tell that he was genuinely interested in helping my business grow and he very quickly determined what I needed, which was a good thing based on my severe lack of internet savvy! Jay moved my site quickly and easily to a better and more secure hosting environment on his servers. He then added elements to the existing website, very cost effectively, that have encouraged additional enquiries from the site and promoted my social media channels. Jay also provided extra WordPress security for my website, got my email running properly again and is always on hand for tech support. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of IT professional. Top shelf service and support at a very reasonable price…Jay’s got my vote!”

Alec Munn

Former owner of CrossFit Bundaberg, Australia

“Jay was an absolute life saver! We didn’t think it would be possible to produce a website in such short time frames but Jay and his team did it, and did it so well! We truly appreciate your patience, reliability and professional attitude through the whole process and look forward to continuing our working relationship with the North Brisbane Partners in Recovery website.”

Danielle Francisco

Events & Marketing Officer – Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local, BRISBANE Australia

“If you want your site done right get Jay. He and all his team are very attentive to detail, know what ingredients your website does and does not need for it to be successful, won’t waste your money and they also do full quality assurance testing before launching your website. Your site will function the way it is meant to if you get Jay and his team to create it — it won’t be a broken mess that doesn’t work correctly like some other ‘developers’ provide. I’ve been working with Jay for over 2.5 years now and his work is quality and first class. And he’s always on hand to provide support when needed. His prices are also very competitive and to be honest, Jay puts in effort and time well above and beyond the project quote price and never looks for an additional handout. To work with Jay you do need a realistic budget though, you’re working with a hard working, diligent, straight talking professional and not an amateur, but it is money very well spent and really is an investment.”

Michelle Rasmussen

Hypnotherapist and Yoga Instructor, GOLD COAST Australia

“You could try the rest but we hired the best! Jay Daniells and his fantastic team were hired for a ton of reasons; they are local and certainly within Australia and speak English, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Amongst things I had seen examples of Jay’s previous work. Plus I would much rather deal with someone local because having an online business, “You want to make darn sure it all works and works well all the time”. You also need to be working with a true expert. In the first meeting he covered everything with a fine tooth comb; he suggested things and ways I knew nothing about. But through dealing with Jay I found out all the little things you don’t even think of when launching a website or an online business. Jay covers everything! You might think he’s being overly thorough and he is because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be so damn good! He knows that the quality of your website is a direct representation of your business and he also knows people (your site visitors) will make judgements about your business based purely on your website. I’ve always believed you get what you pay for and in the case of Jay and his team at Green Valley Digital, this is very true!

Jay is honest, succinct, efficient (he nailed our logo and website design in the first go!) and works damn smart and hard to task. But most of all, he made our website not just what we wanted – he made it so much more than we could have imagined!

If you want a website that works and works well, HIRE HIM, You won’t regret it!”

Nigel Harris

Simple DSLR Online, Australia

“We were needing to give our old website an overhaul to get it working more efficiently. Jay Daniells was suggested to us and we have been very pleased with the result. Jay worked very efficiently, explaining each step as he went with great communication via emails and phone. We found Jay very reliable and fast to respond to any questions we had. We constantly receive positive comments from our customers about our website and it’s user friendly layout.

Thank you Jay for a website that we can now feel very proud of it. We also want to thank you for your personal interest and support shown towards our business. I highly recommend Jay for any Web Project or Design requirements.”

Lorraine Goodchild

Boonara Homestead, GOOMERI Australia

“In reflecting upon Jay’s work on my NaturescapeHD website back in 2005 I’m reminded of a favourite Mark Twain saying, one that’s become my mantra:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

It was still early days – website creation was still new territory and we were still virgin adventurers. As a media producer with newfound dreams of my products going global everything demanded inclusion, all of it. But there were no templates, no absolute right or wrong ways, no real rules for unleashed vision. It was indeed an overwhelming task for me.

Jay must have already heard Twain for he methodically began whittling away my overload of content into its digestible essence. With a sweet eye for line, colour and texture, design was meticulous – I’s were not just dotted, T’s not just crossed, but crafted with meaning. Always taming artistic temptation was the need to keep it simple, minimal, purposeful, and only essential. Omnipresent was the jigsaw method – take it slowly but surely, one piece at a time.

What I’ve seen occur since then is even more impressive. Along with retained design and artistic skills Jay has harnessed the practicalities of today’s new world – to balance creativity with getting it out there today not tomorrow, and if not, a.s.a.p.; custom-crafting to satisfy emerging delivery and display platforms; essential monitoring and management to keep your products out there and working.

Jay’s secret is his systematic process to make overwhelming tasks much easier – so I’m sure Mark Twain would agree, “best listen to Jay.”

Phil Lomas

Naturescapes, CURRUMBIN VALLEY Australia

“In June 2011 we commissioned Jay Daniells to re-design and re-build our wholesale e-Commerce website.

Working within budget and design constrictions, Jay did an amazing job to give us a very workable site which we are very happy with. Being newcomers to the wonderful worldwide web, we relied on Jay for his wealth of knowledge, information and advice. He was focused on our project from inception to completion and kept us informed at all times. Since launching in November 2011 our business has increased significantly with new clients and increased exposure for our products.

We can highly recommend Jay Daniells and his team.

* Update (January 2017): We are still using the same site that Jay and his team built back in 2011. The site still works excellent for our business. We have received a HEAP of value from this website and it has lasted! It has not dated like many sites do in 2 – 3 years. The site also still remains secure and we have not once had a security breach! Jay and his team keep on top of site security and also do regular website backups for us.”

Sue & Doug McMillan

Shanley Knives, BUNDABERG Australia

“Being a web producer, designer and project manager, I have no hesitation in saying that the Holloway Gallery website project which we completed together back in 2009 just would not have been as smooth and user-friendly without Jay’s valuable input. Great to collaborate with and extremely knowledgeable about how to make a website ‘work’. Great follow-through support and communication that is always appreciated!

I continue to work with Jay regularly. In fact, we recently collaborated on a major upgrade on my own business website. The result was excellent. I am so happy with this site, and it is only just the beginning of all the amazing features we will be adding to it.

Over the years we’ve worked on many large and small websites including e-Commerce and other media together. Jay is someone you can establish a short-hand with very quickly, his work is of a consistently high standard and he can design for any business brand and/or ‘look and feel’ AND he’s honest. He’s also a wealth of easy to understand Web and Digital Marketing information. As a result, my business relationship with Jay will continue far into the future.”

Kylie Smith

To The Point Productions, BLUE MOUNTAINS Australia

“Jay and his team have put in a tremendous effort assembling our website within a very short timeframe. He’s also been very generous with the extra time he’s given us to answer our questions and supply great advice, feedback and support throughout.

All of the above is what we were looking for when searching for a website designer. We wanted high level agency support without the price tag. Jay’s dedication also continues to impress as we now move into the next stage of website ownership.

The website itself looks just how we wanted it to and incredibly within 2 months from site launch we are now on page 1 in Google for the search term “bullock team” and other search phrases. We have had a massive amount of excellent feedback about our website both locally and elsewhere and could not be happier, and the number of new leads and enquiries generated has even exceeded our expectations. People from all over the country have discovered our website, commented positively about it and we keep getting really excellent leads. From what I have witnessed Jay sure goes the extra mile to ensure success.

On behalf of my wife and I I’d like to say a big thank you Jay! You have made a significant contribution to our business and as you know we certainly are going to continue working with you. Your positive attitude alone is invaluable.

I highly recommend Jay’s web design, SEO and Web Marketing services to anyone. He’s a very decent guy, hard working and creative. Jay and his team have also taken care of our email communication needs without a hitch and support is always available.

Turns out Jay is also handy on a camera – he and a film crew (several of his mates who just happen to be wildlife documentary film makers) shot HD footage for us last year (they even shot the bullocks in 3D!) and are now also helping assist us setup our YouTube channel, Facebook business page and other social networks where we will publish our little video presentations.”

Rohan Morris

The Gleneden Family Farm and Bullock Team, QLD Australia

“Since Jay started setting up our basic websites way back in 2003, the Internet has evolved so quickly and totally it seems a wonder we’ve been able to keep up with our online presence.

Apart from always applying impeccable craftsmanship in design and execution, Jay has continuously alerted us to important new developments whilst frequently implementing new techniques.

Effective communication of messages and information to a target audience on the web nowadays involves many overlapping skill-sets, ranging from quality text copy and images to tell a story where layout and design guides traffic to a ‘call to action’, right through to more specialised programming skills to implementation of SEO, e-commerce, CMS and web video.

Jay is across the many issues and knows how to find, develop and apply ‘the right solutions’ with backing from a network of associates and resources.

As our ongoing lead designer and these days independent web project manager, Jay has over the years introduced many freelance people with ideas and concepts that have become indispensable to our increasingly complex online activities.

I highly recommend Jay Daniells as first port of call in bringing any web project to fruition.”

Peter Simon

Operations for Plankton Productions & Coral Sea Dreaming, NSW, Australia

“We have recently updated and upgraded our Bundaberg Physio business website through Jay Daniells. During the whole process, Jay exhibited great skill, knowledge and professionalism when upgrading our website. Prior to beginning, Jay took the time to ascertain from me exactly what was needed for our business, providing the most cost effective and efficient process possible by avoiding mis-communications or misunderstandings. In all sections of the upgrade, Jay always provided different options, allowing me to still be actively involved in the process of improving our website whilst keeping the process within our budget. The crossover from our old website to our new website was seamless, and Jay gave ample notice of this event before it happened.

Jay has also helped me in optimising the website for search engine traffic and has created extra levels to the website allowing us to increase our market. Already within launching the website we have had an increase in lead enquires for our premium services and I am sure that with Jay’s help we will continue to improve in this area. Our old website had become a ‘cyber slug’, and was simply on the web filling up space due to my own neglect. Jay had been a patient of mine prior to working on my website, and approached me with ideas on how to update and improve the website to help improve our business. I can already see the benefits of his work.

I would have no problem with recommending Jay to anybody.”

Andrew Logan

Former Partner & Practice Director Quay Street Physiotherapy, BUNDABERG Australia

“After asking around my personal and professional network for recommendations, I approached Jay to provide me with a start-up business marketing package for my group outdoor personal training business. I was looking for a logo, website, business cards and flyers that conveyed a clean, fresh and professional business. After discussing the business needs and profile in a bit more detail, he provided a thorough project plan including quotes which were competitive and options for building on the business image in the future – I felt like I was in professional hands. Despite not having met face to face, Jay has been approachable and reliable throughout, knowledgeable and familiar with Brisbane and city-based businesses, and clear in what decisions he needed from me.

My first enquiry from my newly launched website started with “I have just found your great website from a google search…..” — the best feedback you could hope for! And the compliments have kept coming. Jay went over and above expectation in regards to ensuring the printing of my business cards and flyers were accurate and I felt like he really cared about the success of my business.

Having no marketing background myself, I was looking for someone who could confidently provide me with the guidance and technical skills to give my business the image I had hoped for. Jay delivered and delivered brilliantly! Thanks so much, Jay – you’re welcome to a free outdoor training session any time you’re in Brisbane!”

Mrs Laura Stewart

Tonic Outdoor Fitness, BRISBANE Australia

“We needed to change our old website to better reflect our business and market positioning so we approached Jay. His website design advice, development expertise and web marketing consultancy has produced website results for our business that have far exceeded our expectations. Our new website continually attracts really great feedback and online enquiries.

I am more than happy with the work and professionalism of Jay Daniells. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with him – so easy – so on target – so particular. Jay’s a ‘good guy’ by my standards. Always look forward to more interesting work with him.”

Ms Chris Carroll

Gulliver Media, BRISBANE Australia

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