This is part 2 of a two part blog article series I have written. If you have not read part 1, I recommend reading it first before reading this second part. You can find part 1 here.

A website is never finished until it is consistently hitting your Goals based on KPI’s each month

A website is never finished until it is consistently hitting the KPI’s (key performance indicators) each month that have been ‘SMART goal discussed’ and agreed to by the business owner (or the manager) and the business website consultant specialist they are working with.

If a site doesn’t convert at the rates the business wants/needs it to each month, then they have a ‘dead fish website’. That is what I call a poor performing website. If that is the case, the site needs to be audited by professionals like us, asap.
Each day a dead fish website exists, is another day gone by where the business who owns it has lost potential sales it doesn’t even know about. The ‘traffic acquisition plan’ also needs to be audited,… as does the digital marketing plan. Both need to be audited by Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Digital Marketer Specialists.

In 2018/2019 and beyond, a website needs to be built on a platform that makes it fast and easy and cost-effective to update and improve… including (Conversion Rate Optimisation improvements)

This is another critical point. When you get your new website done, make sure it is built on a platform that is:

  • Fast and easy for you to update and add content to (as in content that is proof to support your marketing claims that helps prove you are legit, trusted by your market and know what you are doing. Anyone can say anything online. Your audience WON’T just believe what you say, because you say it. They need proof.
  • Is a website platform and design that is flexible enough to promote new products, new services, new seasonal marketing activities, promotions, special offers, clearance bins, etc, etc. It needs to be nimble, flexible and dynamic!
  • It needs to be easy for your Conversion Rate Optimisation team to tweak and improve the quality of the site… to improve its conversions.
  • Fast for your website team to expand and scale that doesn’t cost too much $’s.

Right now small businesses need to be nimble. They need to pivot fast to adapt to market changes, economic changes, competitor strategic roll-outs and many other factors. Their website needs to be nimble too … so the website remains at all times an accurate and up to date reflection of the business it is representing.  Imagine if you are running a marketing campaign on the radio but you have no easy way to put an advert graphic on the home page of your site to promote the same campaign… and a landing page dedicated to it on your site that can be linked to from the graphic and the navigation (nav menu) of the site. Imagine all the site visitors who have not heard the radio advert and will then ALSO miss out on knowing about your marketing campaign, because it is not promoted on the home page of your site. Your website should never be a ‘set and forget’ marketing tool. It should be serving your business to ‘maximum effect’ 110% day in day out!

As website professionals we aim to share this information with as many business owners as we can, in meaningful ways.

I have been fairly candid and pointed in writing this blog article. I am sharing more than what I usually do openly. I trust it has given you some good key points and insights. Feel free to let me know what you think in the below comments.

I really do feel AND KNOW that many businesses have been short-changed in the past by not owning ‘massive performer websites’. And that is why I feel it is time to start sharing this information more openly.

Here are some bonus key points:

When I work with new clients I also ask these questions:


What is your average sale price from:

  • your domestic market?
  • your commercial market?


Side note: All information they tell us is confidential. We also sign Non-disclosure agreements if requested.

Once they tell us their current average sale prices, I work on this affirmation with them:

I _____ [name goes here]____ will work with my digital agency to achieve a ‘massive performer website’ that reaches and surpasses my website goals year round. Together over time we will inject the right amount of time, dollars and strategies to produce X number of quality targeted filtered unique website visitors per month that then leads to X percent of leads and X percent as enquiries. From those enquiries I will convert X percent as new customers/ sales and from the leads, I will use strategies that can be setup in ClickFunnels, Infusionsoft or other similar software, to convert X percent of leads to new customers as well. Where possible I will also look at setting up residuals in my business.

By doing this, they can think hard about what they really need their website goals to be…. specifically. We then all know what the goals are and where the goal-posts lie. They can then help us get lazer focused on achieving their specific website goals. It also gives them more confidence and therefore helps ensure the right amount of website, digital advertising and traffic acquisition investment budget is provided to us, so we can ‘untie our hands’ and go to work for them.
The understanding should always be: Our work should yield 50x to 100x (at the very least) in return on investment (ROI) for clients wanting growth over the first 2 – 3 yrs. This only happens though IF they allow us to work fully for them.

HOWEVER, if they cherry pick our holistic plan, or not invest according to the plan or cancel our retainer contract, they will dramatically dilute the effectiveness of the plan… and then they WON’T get the results they wanted and instead they will just be another business ‘dipping their toe in’ and therefore only owning another ‘dead fish’ website which gets them next to nowhere… and sees them back to square one.

Quick Conclusion

I have not gone into many of the actual strategies that go into owning a performer website, but they are coming in the eBook I am writing atm.
Another tip: When you approach a Conversion Rate Optimisation Website Consultant Agency, it is well worth listening to what they have to say about how to go about helping them provide you with a massive performer website. I have shared MANY of the most important key points in this 2 part blog article series but there are also others.

For example, if you are getting an existing website re-designed, the good agencies will even talk about having them analyse the existing traffic data in the Google Analytics account that SHOULD be setup in your current site, BEFORE and as part of the pre-planning stage (research stage) that happens before proposing a solution for your new site. They can gain MANY high value insights from that data that will allow them to provide an even more strategic and growth focused proposal for your new website.

I luv the idea of you owning a ‘massive performer website’ and experiencing the joy that that brings knowing you have a marketing machine working for you 24/7 that is doing great things each week to directly effectively assist your sales goal targets.

If the website digital marketing agency your approach/ contact has been producing excellent performer websites for more than 5 years, they typically know what they are doing. Of course, you can also speak with us. We’re more than happy to work for you and get you the results you want 🙂 .

Jay Daniells

About the Author: Jay Daniells

Jay Daniells has been doing advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work for clients since 2010. He is an SEO specialist. He first started doing SEO work in 2005. He has also been creating websites full-time since 2003. Amongst things Jay is also a graphic designer, digital marketing consultant and creative person. His focus is helping businesses, community groups, clubs, charities, organisations and other entities achieve their goals. He is the owner of Green Valley Digital.