There are few (if any) faster ways to start generating traffic, leads and sales for your small business than Adwords. It is possible to set-up a targeted campaign and start getting leads and sales within a few hours.

But with the great rewards available there is also some serious competition and risks involved if you don’t…

  • Know how to target your campaign correctly using smart keywords & keyword match types, location settings, and other targeting options.
  • Create segmented Ad Groups and write compelling, attention grabbing ads that attract qualified, quality traffic.
  • Have a high converting landing page offer and design.
  • Apply the critical, yet “Little Known” expert’s secrets that will boost conversions at each step of your campaign.

If you don’t take the time to learn some of these fundamentals, then Google Adwords can be very expensive and even a little demoralising.

I don’t know how many times I have had a new client come to me saying, “I have tried Adwords and it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s just not suited to my type of business”.

Then upon reviewing their account and landing page it is instantly obvious why they have spent $500+ and not gotten a single lead.

It does take a little time and effort to it right… But the potential rewards are well worth it, which is a consistent flow of qualified, ready-to-buy prospects at a price that you are happy to pay.

A Billion Potential Customers

Google receives 3.5 billion searches each and every day (yes that’s not a typo), so it does not matter who your target market is, I can guarantee you they are on Google and they are searching for products and services right now.

But this also means that if your Adwords campaign is not set up and managed correctly, you can easily be charged for showing your ads to people who have absolutely ZERO interest in your products and services.

But don’t worry, if you read these three articles you will be better prepared than 98% of your competitors and have access to a huge number of high quality prospects for your business.

Who These Lessons Are For…

In this 3-Part Adwords series I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily set up a profitable Adwords campaign.

Yes there are lots of complicated tricks and tools that you can use in Adwords, but this series is for time poor, small business owners who aren’t technical whiz’s, yet want to learn the most important fundamentals that will help you start generating leads, sales and profits from Google.

These Things Are…

  1. Creating A High-Converting Landing Page
  2. Setting Up Your Account Like An Expert
  3. Gaining The Edge: Split Testing and Pro Tips

Step 1. Creating A High Converting Landing Page

The most important part of your Adwords Campaign is not inside Adwords at all.

It is your landing page – the page on your site that your ads send people to when they click on them.

It’s important that we start by looking at your landing page because if your landing page doesn’t convert clicks into leads or sales, then you will simply waste your money.

Firstly your landing page must flow seamlessly with the copy in your Ad.

For example, if you have a security company that offers a range of products such as…

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Monitored Alarm Services
  • Intercom Systems, and
  • Access Control

…then you want to make sure your Adwords traffic is getting sent to a page that has information and offers for the one specific product or service that a prospect searched for on Google.

A dedicated landing page that matches exactly what the prospect was searching for in Google will convert much better than sending someone to your Home page that has many different products and services available.

A great landing page must have 5 things…

1. A Compelling VPS/UPS/Headline

Your landing page headline must deliver a compelling and unique promise that sets you apart from your competitors and makes your readers want to learn more. This is referred to as a VPS (Value Proposition Statement) or UPS (Unique Proposition Statement). The aim of your VPS or UPS headline is to pull your prospect deeper into the landing page. In other words you want to spark their curiosity and help create a good first impression so they read on and explore more of the landing page, which will prevent them from making a bad first impression that results in them leaving your page altogether by clicking the ‘back button’.

2. Clear, Targeted Benefits

Your landing page must explain all the benefits that the prospect will get by taking action on your landing page. This requires in-depth research to find out what the buying motives and decision-making triggers of your target market are.

You want your visitors to instantly feel like they have found the perfect solution for their needs when they reach your page.

3. Clean, Clear and Easy To Navigate Layout and Design

Your landing page needs to be very user friendly. Within 2 seconds it needs to communicate exactly what is on offer and it needs to be very easy to take action. Often an image or video showing the product or service in use, or the benefits of the product or service, can help improve conversions. Again the images you use should be split-tested to see what converts best. (More on split testing in Part 3 of this series).

You don’t want any clutter or too much info on your landing page. It simply needs to deliver what you promised in your ad copy and be the perfect solution for your ideal target customer.

4. Social Proof

You need to prove to people that your product or service will do what you promise it will. Testimonials (either text or video) are a great way to deliver social proof. Before and after photos or screenshots of results can work, too. Endorsements by respected figures in your industry can also be powerful conversion boosters. These are all things that are ‘proof to support your claims’.

It’s easy to say your product is the best in the world but when someone else says it, it has a lot more credibility.

5. A Clear Compelling Call To Action (CTA)

What response and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) do you want from your landing page? Knowing exactly what these are when you are planning your Adwords Campaign and designing your Landing Pages is very important. Document your KPI’s so you can refer to them in the future so you can measure how your Adwords and Landing Pages are performing.

Do you want someone to…

a. Call your phone
b. Download a free Lead Magnet that has a follow up Autoresponder Sequence (a short explanation is here)
c. Sign up for a free trial
d. Buy a product
e. Request a quote
f. Fill in an opt-in form for more info or go in the draw to win a prize, etc.

Whatever responses you desire it needs to be made clear, offer a compelling benefit and make it very easy for the visitor to take action. A Landing Page really needs to be designed by a Professional Landing Page Website Designer who knows what they are doing. Getting the landing page right is critical and it pays to invest in professional services. If your landing page is not good enough people will simply leave by clicking the ‘back button’ in their web browser and look elsewhere. You will have lost the opportunity. Your loss will be someone else’s gain. This is a BIG part of what causes a business to burn money if they are not doing their Adwords correctly. They’ve paid money to get the site visitor but the webpage that the visitor has clicked into doesn’t compel them. They then leave without performing any action.

Case Study:

I recently took over a new client’s Adwords campaign. This was for a Vacuum Gutter Cleaning company that cleans out roof gutters using a powerful vacuum cleaner. (They also offered cleaning, roofing contractors and pressure cleaning, but this campaign was focused on the gutter cleaning.)

At first they were sending all traffic to the Home page. So even though this company offered only a few services I recommended we set up a dedicated landing page focused on offering a free quote for their gutter cleaning service.

We applied all the elements I mentioned above on the landing page and created a split test where we sent half the traffic to one page and half the traffic to another page. Over 6 weeks we tested different elements, making small changes to the headlines, images, offer and consistently improved the conversion rate.

In 6 weeks the conversion rate improved from 2% to 12%.

This lowered their cost/lead from $144 down to $25. We also improved their Adwords Adspend efficiency by lowering their Cost Per Click and improving traffic quality through ad copy that pre-qualified visitors.

Now that the client was getting leads at a price that was profitable for their company they could re-invest the profits into additional Adwords, and because their landing page converted better they could afford to outbid their competitors and become the dominant advertiser in their industry.

The quality of your landing page will determine the success of your Adwords campaign

The above case study highlights how the quality of your landing page will determine the success of your Adwords campaign. The two cannot be separated, and optimising one without the other will only lead to you wasting more time and money.

In Part 2 of the “How To Set-Up A Profitable Small Business Adwords Campaign” series, we’ll go into your account and show you how to set up your campaign properly from the start to avoid wasting money and ensure you’re showing the right ads to the right people. Click here to read Part 2.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below.

Or Request A Free Adwords Review, where our Adwords specialist will review your account and provide personalised feedback on how we can improve your current results. Contact us to request a Free Adwords Review.

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