“Microsoft’s latest round of monthly security updates has been released with fixes for 68 vulnerabilities spanning its software portfolio, including patches for six actively exploited zero-days.

12 of the issues are rated Critical, two are rated High, and 55 are rated Important in severity. This also includes the weaknesses that were closed out by OpenSSL the previous week.”


The above information came from this article titled ‘Install Latest Windows Update ASAP! Patches Issued for 6 Actively Exploited Zero-Days‘.

If you have not installed the latest Windows Update, your PC computer is at risk.  For security purposes, it is highly recommended to install the latest updates asap.

To find out if you are running the latest update for Windows 10, RIGHT-Clicking on the Windows Flag (bottom left corner) and select System. The ‘Settings’ screen that pops up will show you what version of Windows 10 you are currently running and also shows how much ram and type of CPU your computer has installed.

Here is a chronological list of the Windows 10 updates/ versions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_10_version_history.

If you are not running the latest version, it is highly recommended to do so asap.

If you go back into the Settings screen and then search ‘Windows Updates’, you should see a button to “Force” Check for Updates. Follow the instructions on that screen to complete the update.

Side note: it is a very good idea to do Windows Updates whenever they are released.

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