I was recently asked the following question by one of our new clients, “I don’t really want our street address on the Google listing, can we just use our PO Box number?” The answer is of course yes.

I hadn’t struck this question in a long while and since Google have changed ‘Google Places’ to ‘Google My Business’ and has then made even more changes to ‘Google My Businesss’ I had to do a bit of quick research.

I found this blog article which hopefully contains the correct information. The intro to the article (which I have grabbed as an extract and copied here) certainly sounds promising:


While Google My Business replaces Google Places, one of the major points that has not changed is the requirement that Service Area Businesses (SAB) hide their address. Your business is classed as a SAB if:

  • Your business is mobile
  • You operate from home
  • Your office is not staffed during your stated opening hours

The idea is Google do not want to show a location on Google Maps if you are not able to accept customers during your opening hours. They don’t want people travelling across town for a wasted journey.

Unfortunately the handy “Do not show my business address on my Maps” check box in Google Places has disappeared. Google now decides whether to show your address or not depending on the information you provide.

The full blog article with all the actual instructions is here [click here].


I am assuming this method will work but have not tried it yet. Will soon find out.

Hopefully this method will work. I will update this blog article once I have found out. In the mean time I hope this blog post has been of some use to you. Please post your comments below and let me know.

PS. I wish to credit the original author of the copied (excerpted) text I have used in this blog article. Credit goes to Jan Kearney from mylocalbusinessonline.co.uk . Thank you Jan for the information :). As mentioned above, the full blog article is here.

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