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Some say branding is your solid promise to your customers or clients. It tells them what they can expect from your services or products, what differentiates you, your offers and your business from your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you and your team are, what you stand for, who you want to be and how you want to be perceived.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. (quote by Jeff Bezos, CEO & founder of Amazon).

Perception equals reality; we want to ensure your branding attracts your ideal target audiences and that the perception of your ‘business visual branding’ is positive when you are not… “in the room”.

We are branding specialists, logo designers, website designers, print graphic designers, signage designers, billboard designers, campaign designers and marketers. We also have specialist videographers, editors, visual effects, 3D and 2D animators in our extended team.

Some examples of our work are located:

A blog post that talks about part of our logo design process is here [click here].

We can also organise trade-show sample bags, uniform printing, printing on coffee cups, printing on just about anything (including aluminum) clothes embroidery, branding items like pens, caps, t-shirts, etc. A decade ago we used to also create a lot of high-end CD-ROM and DVD’s which we can still do if requested.

Below are a few examples of our print graphic design. We will add more shortly.

Magazine Advert Design

Above: Magazine Advert Design

Business card design - front and back

Above: One of our clients in Cairns Qld wanted a business card that was sophisticated, minimalist and had style. This is the design we put together.

Above: World Famous in Bundaberg Trailer from James Latter Films on Vimeo. This video trailer was created by James Latter Films. James Latter is one of our go-to Videographers for HD video shoots.

Above: Vehicle signage design. 2019

We made sure this back-of-vehicle sign included their core services and that their phone number was big.

Signage design

Above: One of our Bundaberg clients wanted very simple signage designed for their shop exterior. They knew exactly what they wanted and gave us a rough mock-up. We just had to design the final vector PDF artwork that was supplied to the printer.

Scouts - advertisement design

Above: This was a very simple and quick job we did for a local Scout Group

Above: Logo Design colour concept

Above: Logo Design colour concept

Above: Logo colour design options for a client. Designed in 2019.

Magazine Advert Design

Above: Magazine Advert Design

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