Marketing Action Plan – Template

Now that you are into the 4th quarter of the physical year and also coming into the second half of the financial year, you’re probably wanting to review and update your business plan and marketing plan. You may have already started.

Many of our clients are doing this right now with our involvement.

We have decided to share our Marketing Action Plan template with you. It is free for you to download and use. Below is a video showing partly what it looks like. We have blurred it out for the sake of confidentiality —  it is actually one we have done for a client. It is a MS Word doc. You can download it here.

The Steps To Increase Business Growth

Because of the internet and how it has changed, ALL of our lives including your potential customers, the way your potential customers spend their time, find, research and investigate businesses has changed in a HUGE way too! Especially in the last 10 years… AND dramatically more-so since COVID-19 started. If you are in business, I am sure you are aware of this and have incorporated at least SOME digital marketing into your business during the last 20 years.

To increase business growth further, or to help future-proof a business, or to retain existing levels of growth, or to achieve a market-leading position, more and more effective and up-to-date digital marketing strategies and methods need to be integrated into your business marketing plan. 

We have decided to share with you the HIGHLY effective series of steps to assist you with effectively updating your marketing plan:

  • Elevate your business branding and the way it is perceived by your ideal market and ideal buyer personas (ideal customers).
  • Elevate your website to ensure it is an excellent representation of your business and that it is fully up to date and offers quality and useful resources and information. It also needs to look and read WAY better than your direct competitors’. Ensure too, that it is built to be search engine friendly. Also, make sure it is security updated and is being backed-up regularly.
  • Do the free HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course It is short and FREE. We strongly recommend doing the activities within this course. This will provide you with important foundational information to help you put together an effective plan.
  • Increase exposure and discovery of your business, to stand out from the crowd.
  • Keep building authority and trust. As you know, those 2 things combined lead to more demand for your services and products. Demand leads to more sales and profits. More profits allow you to keep scaling your business, if you so choose. Scaling leads to maximising sales and profits.
  • Build Online Sales Funnels and landing pages into your website… and create more off-line sales funnels (eg. special offers, promotions, marketing campaigns, competitions, events, etc) as well.
  • Use online advertising platforms to create exposure and awareness (Google Ads, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ad, etc).
  • Use other organic and paid strategies to drive more traffic to your website. Look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Campaigning and Domain Authority (DA) building and how to do it effectively. Tips: Watch videos by Neil Patel SEMRush to get started. If you would like our help ask us about our SEO coaching, mentoring and ‘done for you’ service options.
  • Follow the Customer Buyer Value Journey methodology, path and chart. Information about it is here
  • Monitor and measure the performance of each of your websites, social media, marketing and advertising activities.
  • Grow your mailing list and utilise it correctly.
  • Target your ideal customers with child-business websites, social channels and other highly targeted strategies. No one ever said a business should just have one website. Successful people tend to have more than 1 website and more than 1 business… even if they don’t tell you. Often, they keep this a secret.  An Electrician may have a ‘parent business website’; that is the ‘umbrella site’ that explains all that they do. They may also then have a ‘child-business website’ that is branded, positioned and purely focused on communicating that they are experts in commercial electrical projects. They may then also have another ‘child-business website’ purely branded for domestic and residential jobs and projects. Many businesses in many industries have more than 1 website… because it works! Reasons for this related to human psychology, showing you are an expert, targeting, the way the Google algorithm works and many other factors. 
    Another example is a medical professional, let’s say in this instance we are referring to a Psychologist or a Counsellor. They work closely with people from SO many different walks of life. They may have WAY more than just 3 websites. The same applies to just about any business type. Successful people, especially NOW in these challenging times, never put all their eggs in one basket — including their business and their website(s).
  • Do further research. Watch videos on YouTube, search Google for strategies related to “what digital marketing techniques should I include in my marketing plan in 2020”, read through our blog (you may be surprised how much information is in there), use our Marketing Plan Template to document your plan, and feel free to reach out to us if you want help.

Consider the above steps before preparing your plan.
Remember: A diversified holistic marketing plan approach is key. No one activity will achieve growth. It takes a holistic plan to succeed.

If you want to advance your digital marketing knowledge and skills, Google has a free online resource called Google Garage:

Digital also have courses you can enrol in:

There are also many other free and paid courses online.

Contact us if you would like information about the ones that will assist.

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