Our Website has a Heart

This is the heart of our website. Even Tin Man wanted a heart, so we figured our website does too.

Our Mission Statement:

Green Valley Digital serves communities, businesses, organisations, NFP’s, clubs, grass-roots groups, charities, entrepreneurs and individuals that are ethical, friendly, foster togetherness, unity and prosperity. Our mission is to play our part within communities & economies on a local, regional, state-wide and national level (and beyond). We also aim to assist with positive growth and change.

Community and Giving Back

We believe in giving back and paying forward. We usually do one small (relatively speaking) pro-bono project per year for a club, charity, community group, grass-roots group or start-up we wish to support. For example, in 2020 and 2021 we assisted the Bundaberg District Scout Group (info about a marketing campaign we did for them is here. We also created their mini-website in 2021). We can also be contacted about providing ‘in-kind sponsorship’ for community events. As an example, we are ‘in-kind sponsors’ of Bethlehem Live.

Bundaberg District Scouts

Jay Daniells (owner of Green Valley Digital) is an Assistant Scout leader in Bundaberg from 2017 – to the present. He has taken a break from being an active weekly youth leader for the time being so he can invest greater time into the growth of Green Valley Digital. Jay is still assisting Bundaberg District Scouts with marketing, media, events, websites and social media support. Most recently in 2020/2021 we created (donated) a marketing campaign for a SE Queensland Scout Camp. Jay even got out his old sign-writing gear and painted signs for the camp (pics here). He was also one of the Leaders at the 4-day camp and was also part of the Admin team. We also donated a mini-website for the district. Scouts was of benefit to Jay when he was a youth, so he gives-back/ pays-it-forward.

Bethlehem Live Bundaberg

For over 3 years, Green Valley Digital has been an ‘in-kind’ sponsor for the Bethlehem Live Bundaberg event. Green Valley Digital have provided website and social media consultancy services for the event, plus they assist the event founders and coordinators. They also provide a pop-up mini-website.

Ocean Ark Alliance

During 2010 through to 2016 we were heavily involved in providing website services to Ocean Ark Alliance. Amongst things they commissioned us to create a campaign website for a youth art competition piloted in Victoria, Australia, to assist with creating awareness about aspects of climate discussion. We also provided social media consultancy during that time. 


Currently we are only playing a small part in creating more awareness about what 4Ocean are doing to help clean up the oceans. We have not ramped up our fundraising efforts/ support yet. For now we are putting awareness badges on websites that wish for a 4Ocean badge to be added. Some are also having us write blog articles for their website about 4Ocean. Some are also hanging posters in their physical shops. Most are also buying the bracelet where money raised from their product sales goes toward funding the clean up efforts.

Love Your Sister

We have not done much to directly support Love Your Sister atm. But we want to do more to assist with their fundraising efforts to help vanquish all cancer via scientific research. We have in the past bought socks from their website and we plan to assist further in whatever ways we can. There are also many other products and ways to donate.

Buy a Bale

In 2022 we plan to donate to Buy a Bale when we can. We know every dollar helps farmers in need during times of drought and other big challenges that farmers face. We know this first-hand. Jay Daniells grew up on a farm (3rd generation) in rural Queensland. 

CoderDojo Mentor

In 2018, Jay Daniells was approached by Impact Community Services to be a CoderDojo mentor in their local group. CodoDojo is great for youth interested in technology and who are keen to have fun while learning at their own pace. While CoderDojo is not new and is a global initiative, the group in Bundaberg is relatively new. It is an opportunity for youth in the region! PLUS it is completely free for youth from the age of 7 to 17. If you want to find out more, please contact Impact Community Services Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Disability Resource Centre & Toy Library

We were approached by Bundaberg Disability Resource Centre & Toy Library to provide them with a new website. We launched this new website for them in 2018. You can view the website here. We provided partial in-kind support. 

Other Mentions

In the past we have also been a small sponsor of the local Basketball in Bundaberg. We have also been involved in Cancer Council’s Relay for Life. We try and do our bit in other ways as well.

Let’s Talk

To discuss your next project, call us on 1300 887 427 or contact us online. Feel free to also ask questions – we are happy to answer them so you can make an informed decision about any of our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

In-kind Sponsorship

Aside from doing 1x pro-bono project per year, Green Valley Digital is happy to discuss providing partial ‘in-kind’ sponsorship for community events, clubs, groups and charities as well as ‘limited’ in-kind sponsorship for organisations (.orgs). Contact us to find out more.