This is the 2nd blog post in our ‘Ways Your Website Generates New Customers for your Business’ series. If you have not read the first one yet, we recommend reading it first before coming back to read this one.

Here is the second scenario:

Scenario 2: Using an Online Sales Funnel

As we all know, selling something to someone whom we do not know takes time. Confidence needs to be developed. The buyer needs time to decide if they know, like, trust and value the seller. The higher the price of the item, the longer this takes.¬†Investing all that time for each and every sale chews a LOT of time. Online sales funnels are one way of building enough trust to gain sales automatically for lower cost and higher cost items. That is why they are part of ‘marketing automation’ strategies. They are also a proven way to sell to WAY more people than you ever could using traditional marketing, advertising and sales methods.

In this scenario, we have to first come to grips with the knowledge that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google (and LinkedIn, SnapChat, Messenger, Facebook Marketplace and other social media and search engine platforms) know a lot about what our interests are. For example, each time we like a page on Facebook about a specific topic (eg. gardening or car restorations or some other thing) or we search for information on YouTube related to a specific topic (eg. DIY motorbike servicing) these channels are gathering useful marketing (aka topic and interests) information about us.

Professional Digital marketers can help you setup online sales funnels to help you sell specific products and services. They can setup online sales funnels on your website home page, on other key pages of your website, on landing pages and on other websites.

Those exposed to your funnel offers and whom decide to opt-in, become leads for your business. The funnel software then helps convert leads into new customers. There are many ways this is done. One of which involves automated emails (autoresponder emails).

Digital marketers can use ads platforms that Google, Facebook and others online provide, to advertise your funnels to people who are interested in what you are selling, based on the data (interests information) these platforms collect.

There are proven online sales funnel strategies that you can also learn yourself. If you do the One Funnel Away online course you will learn all about them.

Interest-based online ads targeting is not new. It has been around for some years. Using this successfully, combined with online sales funnels is one way that businesses are growing in 2020. It is more effective than traditional advertising like TV commercials and newspaper ads. It is also cheaper.

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