This is the 3rd part of our blog article series titled “Ways Your Website Generates New Customers for your Business (there are many)”. If you have not read part 1 and 2, you can find them here:

Below is scenario 3:

Scenario 3:  Traffic From Google

The first thing to note is that the success of your website is directly proportionate (and relative) to the amount of quality traffic it receives every month. If it is only a small traffic website that is only getting a few hundred site visitors per month, you’re not going to convert many into leads, enquiries and sales. Where-as if your website gains 1000, 5000 or WAY more quality site visitors per month who are all located within your geographic market area, you’re going to experience MUCH higher numbers of leads, enquiries and sales.

The way to increase quality site visitors to your website each month, is by using traffic driving strategies. Three of these strategies are:

  • Organic traffic from Google
  • Paid Traffic From Google – using Google Adwords
  • Google Shopping Ads

People are time poor when searching for products and services online. They’re probably also using their smart-phone, tablet or laptop to do their searches. If your website appears when they search for a product or service that you provide, chances are they will click into your website. If your website is really great and they feel your business looks like the business for them, it is highly likely they will opt-in to your offer (if one exists on each page of your site) or MAYBE they will contact you.

Over 65% of first-time website visitors will not contact you straight away. Therefore if there is no offer for them to opt-into on your website, you may never hear from them again.

Organic Traffic From Google

Gaining high volumes of organic traffic from Google requires Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign work. SEO is not new. It’s been around for over 18 years. You’ve either had great success with it or you have heard about it… or you’ve worked with dodgy SEO businesses who have been less than helpful (unfortunately businesses like this still exist).

When SEO is done correctly, it can yield HUGE volumes of quality traffic into your website month in, month out. Read one of our SEO client case studies here.

Paid Traffic From Google – using Google Adwords

Google Adwords can instantly be turned on so ads for your services, products, promotions, special offers, your business (whatever you like) start appearing in Google within a matter of days, from the date the ads are created. You can modify and change them any time too. I change and modify ads for our business often (whenever needed… including just recently when the ‘COVID-19 economy’ took hold and we released this page containing special offers. I did similar for our client’s whose Google Adwords accounts we help look after.

Google Adwords Ads often appear at the very top of the Google Search Results Pages, which means if they are well written, people will click them when they do a search; particularly people who are time-poor/ in a rush.

We recommend many traffic driving strategies to our clients including both SEO and Adwords…. and others.

Google Shopping Ads

If you sell products directly from your website using eCommerce, you can use the Google Shopping Ads system to display your products in the Google Search Results Pages when people search for specific products online. This can dramatically increase your monthly sales. Below is a video that explains this further:

There are also many, many other traffic-driving strategies that we use and will write about soon.


Jay Daniells

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