Get More Done in Your Day With US

Without blowing our own trumpet too much I will say that we are great at doing big jobs… AND also little jobs. Maybe you just need a high-converting landing page designed for your Adwords Campaign, or you need your website and other digital marketing and/or traditional marketing materials and adverts reviewed/audited to get an objective opinion, or you need an Email Newsletter Template Designed or any other thing related to digital marketing, design, images, videos, your website, etc, etc done for your business or organisation. When you need small jobs like this done, you are more than welcome to turn to us for help.

We do small jobs for clients all the time. Many consider us to be their VA (Virtual Assistant).

We even help you deal with Google. Sometimes new clients get us to phone Google on their behalf to do things like:

  • Transfer ownership or claim ownership of their ‘Google My Business’ (Google Maps) profile if they are struggling to do it themselves.
  • Update other details within their Google Profile that just don’t seem to update when they’re trying to do it themselves. Rather than pulling their hair out and getting frustrated, they just call or email us and we take care of it.

You name it, we can do it.

We can also build email autoresponder systems for you and help you with your website text and other marketing writing tasks.

Here are just a few other small job tasks I can think of that we can help you with:

  • A custom Powerpoint Presentation with a quality Design
  • Photos correctly resized and colour corrected for your website
  • Business Card Designs and Print Marketing Materials
  • Review your Adwords Campaign to check it is performing as well as it can for your business.
  • Video Graphics for your latest Corporate Video and/or YouTube or Vimeo Video
  • Video Tutorials using Camtasia Studio including tutoring you how to best use it
  • Software tutoring and training.
  • Link your YouTube Channel to your Google My Business Profile.
  • Audio Recordings Transcribed to Text
  • PageSpeed Optimising your website to make the pages load faster
  • Security Maintenance updates for your WordPress website
  • Designing Lead Magnets for your Email Subscription system.
  • Import email addresses into your Mailing List(s)
  • Helping you get ready for local events. As an example, check out the booth we put together for a business expo during 2016 here on my Instagram
  • We can also be commissioned to travel and work with you on-site when required.
  • Operate your Powerpoint Presentation and work with an AV (Audio Visual) team if you are to speak at an event. As an example our team member Kylie Smith is flown to an international destination each year to be part of the AV team for the Annual Betta Home Living Conference. Prior to the event she is also commissioned to create all the main Powerpoint Presentations and video graphics for the week long event.
  • Website Updates
  • DVD Authoring
  • etc. The list is endless.

Feel free to contact us to request assistance or to find out more.