Video vs Text

A picture is worth 1000 words, so how many words is a great video worth? Great videos communicate your messages perfectly. They are also WAY more interesting and memorable than text and images. Have you been considering a quality 1 minute explainer video for your website? Or perhaps you are not happy with the quality of the video(s) that have been created for you?

Quality Video and Animation Services

Many of our team are highly experienced professional videographers. It’s a service we have been providing for many years. Our sister website is To The Point Productions.

Some of us used to work for a Film and TV Post Production Facility at Roma Street in Brisbane. We have camera operators, editors, compositors, effects people (using Adobe After Effects), 2D and 3D animators in our team. We also have associate script-writers, audio technicians and voice-over narration talent. We can also help arrange acting talent and auditions.

If you want to go in front of the camera, we can also help coach you to be comfortable, appear natural and authentic.

We can create any kind of video or animation for you. Here are just a few examples:

  • Short explainer videos for your website and social media
  • 2D or 3D animations
  • Intro and exit sequences for your videos (top and tails)
  • Live action or animated video-infographics
  • Corporate training videos
  • eLearning videos
  • Corporate sample bag DVDs or USBs
  • TV commercials
  • Anything you can think of

The Power of a Great Story

If you’ve been in business for a while you know how powerful real stories can be. If told well, stories allow you to emotionally connect with your audience on a much deeper and more meaningful level than written text or images. They also help develop higher levels of trust and recall.

We more easily retain information shared as a story, compared to the same information being shared as verbal or written information, which can often be boring and uninspiring. Our brains have evolved and are hard-wired to remember information told or shared as a story. As taught in school, it is how our ancestors effectively shared and retained information from one generation to the next before they could read and write.

Video is a great way to tell and share stories. Just one excellent video can potentially reach and be seen by HEAPs more people than word of mouth referrals or speaking in person to groups of people.

A great story and a great video can also peak people’s interest online in ways that other forms of content simply can not do.

If you need affordable or really high-end videos created, or want more information, feel free to contact us or call us on 1300 887 427.

Sample Video Reels

Here are a few video examples that highlight some of our video expertise. These have been created by our sister business To The Point Productions:

Our Latest Video Production