Online Video Marketing – It Just Works!

Videos for your website, social channels, DVDs for your corporate sample bags and other forms of video for your business are all excellent! When done right that is.

Video vs Reading Text Online

Reading can be good but I am sure that you tire of reading text all the time,.. I know I do. Videos on the other hand allow you to sit back, relax, watch and enjoy… especially if they are told as a story!
If you’ve been in business for a while you know how powerful real stories can be; amongst things they allow us to make an emotional connection with the information being shared and we feel like we’re receiving a deeper level of insight… this increases level of trust. We also easily retain information shared as a story. Did you know our brains have evolved to remember information told as stories? As we were taught in school, stories are how our ancestors remembered key information to then pass down to the next generation; the stories were easy to remember and then repeat to others, especially if they were interesting and peaked our curiosity.

Video is a great way to tell and share stories, and just one excellent video can reach and be seen by HEAPs more people than if you purely rely on word of mouth referrals or speaking in person to groups of people.

Since most of your potential customers carry a video player with them all of the time now, watching and consuming videos at any time of day or night is as simple as taking a phone out of their pocket or handbag. Wouldn’t it be great if you had video content for your potential customers to find and watch and emotionally connect with… at ANY time!

Our Video Services

We have had experience in the Film and TV industry for well over 18 years. Some of us used to work for a Film and TV facility at Roma Street in Brisbane until we resigned in 2005. Today we still produce Video Graphics, Animation work and Marketing Videos. We are also partnered with fellow Marketing Video creators.

Here are some other quick good video examples:

If you need affordable or really high-end videos created, or want more information, feel free to contact us or call us on 1300 887 427.

Sample Video Reels

Here are a few video examples that highlight some of our video expertise. These have been created by our sister business To The Point Productions:

Our Latest Video Production