The Brief

We have recently updates this blog article (16-02-17): The Bundaberg Sandblasting team have provided us with a testimonial which you’ll see at the bottom of this blog article. We greatly appreciate their kind and considered words.

The team at Bundaberg Sandblasting approached us because they had heard good things about our business and needed their website redesigned and re-built professionally. They also wanted to support a fellow local business. They had many requirements for their new site – some of them included:

  • Must be a fast loading mobile phone friendly website
  • Include content that is up to date and comprehensive.
  • Promote all their services
  • Each page should be easy on the eye, fast to read and easy to understand.
  • A quote form that is mobile phone friendly and includes the ability to attach an image.
  • The site design that appeals to their many varied customers and target audiences.
  • Include video
  • Be a somewhat interactive website without going overboard.
  • Be a fresh, modern and unique website.
  • Clearly promote each of their Social Media Channels.
  • Include Location Maps to help new customers easily locate their physical business premises.
  • Showcase the diversity of their work.
  • Built so they can login and update the site themselves.

Bundaberg Sandblasting also needed a blog system so they can publish articles for content marketing purposes, to further expand their businesses reach.

Our Approach

After gaining a good understanding of their goals and expectations, we then proceeded with our proven pre-production strategic planning method. We then presented a website design concept that we believed would perform very well for their business and play its part in achieving their goals; both now and into the future. We also did the following:

  • Made sure the home page clearly explains what their business does at a glance and what their core services are. This was to ensure the website passes the 3-5 Second Rule (‘The Blink Test’).
  • Provided guidance on how to write the text for the website.
  • Wrote some of the text on their behalf (at their request).
  • Assisted with the blog articles.
  • Structured the website so it was logical to navigate.
  • Photos within the website were also treated with respect and care. All the photos were correctly resized and optimised to ensure they load fast.
  • Recommended a video for the home page and provided guidance.
  • Created their YouTube Channel, linked it to their Google My Business profile and uploaded the video.
  • Embedded the video into the website and made sure it is easy to view on desktop/laptop, tablets and smart phone devices.
  • Google location maps were also embedded into the home page and the contact us page.
  • Built the website using ‘Responsive Mobile Design’ to ensure it is mobile phone friendly.
  • Built the mobile phone friendly Quote Form.
  • Designed each page of the site so information is presented clearly.
  • Provided consultancy and recommendations on how to use the website to help build their mailing list.
  • Search Engine Optimisation work that was correctly implemented within their old website was also migrated into their new site.
  • Backed-up/archived their old site prior to launching their new site.
  • Made sure Google Analytics was setup and that they had full Administrator access.
  • Provided training so they know how to login and update their website.

The new website is hosted with us and we also provide additional email storage space for each of their Domain Based Email Addresses.

The Results

A happy client. Within a few days of site launch the new website was generating enquiries and will continue to do so. This site was launched in late October 2016 so we will update this blog article once more business results are reported to us by Bundaberg Sandblasting. To view the website visit . Below is a testimonial we received from the Bundaberg Sandblasting team:

“We are extremely proud to direct customers to our new website constructed by Jay and his team. Bundaberg Sandblasting offers a large diverse range of Abrasive Blasting and Protective Coating applications, we wanted to showcase all our business has to offer. It was very early on that we realised how big our website was going to be just to include all that we do. Jay has been able to create an easy smooth flowing site that includes loads of information, photos, video clip, social media links, blogs and most importantly a very efficient contact us and quote page. We would recommend the Green Valley Digital team to anyone looking at building a new website, updating an older site, or needing a hand with the ins and outs social media.” — Wayne & Emma Edwards Bundaberg Sandblasting