In 2018 we were asked by In 2 Knives to design their logo and design and build their online shop retail eCommerce website. They planned to only sell to Australians and New Zealanders. They also had a particular Bowie Knife they wanted us to use for the logo graphic, so we asked if we could also add some ‘Australiana’ elements into the website including:

  • Kangaroo graphic
  • Australian Flag graphic
  • Koala graphic
  • Wattle flowers photo

They liked the idea so we proceeded to design the site with those elements included.

In 2 Knives- website home page screenshot

The home page I designed for the In 2 Knives online shop website.

The website also needed to include:

  • The colours and the layout/ design of the site needed to attract sales
  • PageSpeed Optimmisation
  • Allow certain features to be displayed on the home page
  • Slideshow on the home page to promoted special offers (ads) which we also designed
  • Coupon Code System for marketing campaigns
  • Clearance Bin
  • Australia Post Shipping Calculator
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Us writing certain pages of the site
  • Product brands (there logos) on the home page
  • Very easy to navigate website
  • Free delivery for anywhere in Australia
  • The ability for people to pay using either PayPal, Credit/Debit Card and Direct Bank Transfer
  • Very easy to buy from the site (fast and easy to use Checkout System)
  • Quality Website Hosting based in Australia (where all the sites we host are located)
  • Cart Abandonment System

If/when we are commissioned to do Digital Marketing for this business, we will also add lots more features into the site, setup and run the Facebook page and other social media channels, make the website highly discoverable in Google, YouTube,… and many other things involving lead generation, funnels, Remarketing, Retargeting, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace and a LOT more. AfterPay would also be setup.

We enjoy creating any type of website and online shop websites are no exception. This was a fun project and we got a buzz out of being able to add some ‘Australiana’ elements. As always, we thank our client for choosing us to create their site.


Jay Daniells

About the Author: Jay Daniells

Jay Daniells has been doing advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work for clients since 2010. He is an SEO specialist. He first started doing SEO work in 2005. He has also been creating websites full-time since 2003. Amongst things Jay is also a graphic designer, digital marketing consultant and creative person. His focus is helping businesses, community groups, clubs, charities, organisations and other entities achieve their goals. He is the owner of Green Valley Digital.