Websites that Perform

The websites we design achieve results for the businesses they represent!

We ensure your website is an excellent and accurate representation of your business! We also ensure it is a WAY better website than that of ALL your competitors. We do this by taking the time to do competitor research well BEFORE we start designing your website.

Each of us have 16+ years of business and marketing experience. Our senior website designers have over 18 years of experience. We inject our expertise, skills and knowledge into every website we create!

When you work with us, you will find:

  • We talk normally and don’t use excessive industry jargon
  • We have a very refined process. You will find our process to be straight forward and pain-free.
  • When you call or email us you speak with the same person (or team members). You are not palmed off to someone who knows nothing about you.
  • We care about your business’s success!

For many years customers have received HIGH-value websites from us at prices they can afford! We are HIGHLY affordable! We have a range of options. We even provide repayment plans and finance.

When you first approach us, you will be speaking with a down-to-earth friendly expert, not a sales rep. In fact, we don’t employ sales reps here. ALL our team are highly experienced and even our intern is WAY more highly trained than your average website designer.

We work with you to understand what your needs, requirements and goals are. THEN and ONLY then do we formulate a plan, present options and proceed, once you are totally happy and confident.

Call us on 1300 887 427 to discuss your next project or website needs.

Side note: You can read what some of our clients say about us below (scroll down) or on the testimonials page of our website.

Please note:

If you decide to utilise one or more of our ‘add-on services’ like paid Ads in Google, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, etc, we WILL dramatically increase traffic to your website, which is proven to MASSIVELY increase sales and your profits for any business type!

All websites we design and develop are easy for you to update, manage, load fast and are built on a platform that allows more features and functionality to be added whenever you need it.

We provide interest-free repayment plans

“We found Jay and his team at Green Valley Digital to be highly enthusiastic. It was infectious! They are ‘walking-inspiration’ in our book! Not only are they all passionate and highly skilled people, they are easy to work with & easy to chat with…. and WOW their weekly or fortnightly one-to-one sessions are amazing! Book in with Jay for this; you will not be disappointed!”

“Over the past four years, Jay and his team from Green Valley Digital have provided us with exceptional production, development and ongoing support of our North Brisbane Partners in Recovery websites. He has been incredibly patient, accommodating and understanding with our requirements, even when timeframes seem unreasonable due to our last minute requests and deadlines. Jay and his team are reliable, responsive, open with their communication and strive to keep us up to date during any of our projects. We value his knowledge and expertise and will continue to support his business for ongoing and new projects.”

“This is no ordinary business! We have worked with other SEO agencies and website designers and marketers before but found they were lacklustre to say the least! They kept us in the dark, took our money but delivered very little in the way of assistance or growth for our business… there was no profit increase what-so-ever. Jay and his team are the complete opposite! They are incredible! We receive regular updates from them, SEO rank reports, analytics reports (that are easy to understand), amazing data from HotJar (if you have not used this software, we highly recommend you do), our website now looks fantastic AND they have helped us reach every single one of our goals! Thank you SO much to Jay and the team! We wished we were referred to you years ago!”

“Our old website was ugly, uninspired and unwelcoming and we didn’t rank in Google, nor did we often receive online enquiries. Then we approached Jay. He provided us with a fantastic new website that truly reflects our business and its values. It has dramatically increased our visibility in Google and number of enquiries. Jay and his team delivered on all this superbly! Jay even educated us on Google ranking, SEO, Adwords, landing pages, industry benchmarking, eNewsletters and much more. We also found Jay to be very collaborative; he would and still does always respond to emails and phone calls quickly (even later in the evenings). Thank you Jay!”

“We recently got our website created by the Green Valley Digital team! OMG, what an amazing experience and an amazing website! We decided to go with the highest level of website service. The dedicated Zoom sessions each week made it soo easy for us to get the planning of the new website done and made us feel extremely confident that we had chosen the right team to create our new site. During the project, we also learned a LOT of new skills to bring more traffic to our website. Jay even provided us with excellent videos on YouTube to watch and free courses that we could do. We did it all! We’re now doing more training with Jay and are seeing big gains in traffic to our new website, AND big increases in sales! Thank you soo much Jay and GVD!

We work tirelessly to produce high-quality performer websites for small and medium-sized businesses, organisations, NFP’s, clubs, charities, grass-roots groups and individuals. We also have experience and capacity to work with larger entities. We dedicate ourselves to each and every website project and client.

These websites also make it easy to advertise promotions, marketing campaigns, employment opportunities, events, special offers, landing page funnels and ANY other feature you can possibly think of, or ever need or want!

There is no limit to what can be created. Our developers can also custom-code web applications, interactive experiences and SO much more!

Two of the most common types of websites we create are:

1. Small Business Starter Websites:

A one-page website may be all that is needed initially. This can often be a high value and cost effective initial interim solution, especially when in business start-up phase. Alternatively, a small multi-page website may be an efficient entry level solution. These ‘starter websites’ provide you with a fully functional website that is mobile phone optimised, professionally designed, search-engine friendly and can have a blog, image gallery, online booking system or any other features added.

2. Tailored Custom Website Design:

These websites are typically larger in size but are still streamlined, fast to navigate, read and understand. They help you achieve aggressive business growth and longer-term business goals! We have built many of these websites over the years. If you have not had experience with this type of project, it may seem like a complex task. Once upon a time, we did too… but that was 20 years ago!  We have streamlined processes and methods to make the project as simple as possible… and of the highest professional quality. We also produce online shops, online product catalogue systems, login portals, eLearning platforms, membership websites and ANY other type of website you can possibly think of.

Do you also fix existing websites?

Yes. If your existing website is broken or needs an overhaul, a refresh, or new features and functionality added, we can most certainly help.

I understand the importance of keeping my website up to date so it ALWAYS accurately reflects my business, services and products. I don't have time to update it myself though. Can you?

Yes, we most certainly can! We have expert team members who manage websites for our clients. Updates can be done as needed… or you can sign up to one of our service plans and receive monthly discounts and other benefits that save you money.

Please note: We are VERY fast at what we do and are extremely detailed-focused. Typically we can do updates on a website three to ten times faster than someone who does not work on websites every day of their life.

Do you help with writing website content?

We sure do!
We help you at every stage of the writing process so that you can EASILY create your website content. OR if you don’t have time or don’t feel like you should write it yourself, we can write really good text for you.

We EVEN write high quality and extremely well-researched blog article content for clients that want to invest in inbound marketing and don’t have time to write blog articles themselves.
Side note: If you are not sure what inbound marketing is, we have included a short explainer video below.

Please note: We are very collaborative with all our clients. Some clients even like to write the rough drafts of their blog articles themselves and then have us enhance and finalise them.

There are a HUGE number of ways we assist our clients. We even provide proofreading, image optimisation (optimising for web), graphic art services and blog published services.

A Few of the Website Designs we Have Created

Below are just a small hand-full of websites we have created in recent years. Some others are also in our portfolio. Because we work via Confidentiality Agreements with many of our clients, there are MANY other websites we cannot display here in our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

All websites we create are built on quality professional Content Management System (CMS) platforms that have layers of security protection added and are configured accordingly.

Side note: If you need your website to be Accessibility Compliant under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), we can do that too. The ‘Web Content Accessibility Guidelines’ refer to making web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

Below are also some additional questions we are often asked:

Do you also create pop-up websites for events and festivals?

We sure do!  We enjoy creating any kind of site. Event and Festival websites are no exception. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 887 427 to chat more about your next project.  We also design flyers, posters, signage and other marketing collateral materials. Plus we create quality videos and animations.

Do you provide Google Adwords?

Yes we do. We offer packages. We are also really flexible and are happy to work with smaller budgets than what other providers are willing to work with… particularly if you are just starting out or have a very limited monthly budget initially. 

Do you provide SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Yes we do.
The way to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) successfully has changed a LOT in recent years. We have kept our skills up to date and we also incorporate inbound marketing into SEO work we do.

We provide:

  • Local SEO
  • Nation Wide SEO
  • If you want International SEO, we can provide tailored options

We have SEO options for small and larger entities and businesses. We also use paid tools like SEMRush.

Do you also do logo design branding work?

Yes we do.

In every website design project we do, we are thinking about how we can best:

  • Represent your banding & its brand messages
  • How to best design your website
  • Making sure your new website will be better than your direct competitors website(s)
  • Help make your website perform at it’s very best

We use your existing logo for your new website, but there are times when a client may want us to re-design their logo. We provide logo design, logo re-design and brand development services. We have been doing branding work for over 15 years.

We are also print and signage graphic designers. We can design anything you need.

Do you also produce websites for larger organisations, businesses, Councils and Government?

Yes we do. We have years of experience producing websites of all sizes. We have produced, maintained and security maintained websites for all types of institutions in the past including Councils, education institutions and larger businesses, organisations and NFP’s. We are also experienced in providing Service Level Agreements and meeting and exceeding compliance requirements. We also work under Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and Confidentiality Agreements (CA’s).

Do you host websites and register Domain Names?

Yes, we do host websites. We are resellers for one of Australia’s best and most reputable AUSTRALIAN based website hosting provider. This ensures your site loads fast and is hosted on a website platform that is stable. We also provide ‘off-site’ remote backups for added peace of mind.

We provide hosting for any size of website. Your website will load fast and be able to handle peak traffic (website visitor) periods.

We also provide quality Website SSL Security Certificates.

Yes we also register ALL types of Domain Names.

Do you provide business grade email?

Yes we do provide business grade Domain Based Email. We have been providing Larger iMAP and Hosted Exchange Email to clients for many years.

Do you do website security and backups?

Yes we offer full website security maintenance and backup services for those with a WordPress website.

For your website to be secure it also needs to be hosted with a reputable website hosting provider. We provide this too.
The Stay Smart Online Gov website has recently issued a statement about this. You can view it here. We recommend reading it. (Stay Smart Online is the Australian Government’s online safety and security website).

Prevention is key to keeping your website secure.

Do I need to be concerned if I have a limited budget?

If you are not sure about how much you should invest/ budget, or what your allocated budget needs to be, give us a call and we can chat.

We have options, methods, payment structures and repayment plans if required (that are quite flexible).

What are your payment options?

We offer upfront quotes with standard payment terms, repayment plans and a few other secret cost-saving methods that we will mention when we chat. 

Are your websites fast to update?

Yep they sure are!

We know many businesses add, modify and pivot services and products rapidly within their business based on customer demand, market trends and forecasts. This gives them the winning edge. They also conceive marketing and advertise promotional campaigns and seasonal marketing initiatives quickly.

Based on our experiences serving clients over the past 15 years, we know you need to be able to update your website FAST to reflect these business ‘happenings’ and other activities you wish to promote quickly. This is another reason why we use the website platforms that we advocate. They allow changes to be made fast and easily so your website is always an accurate reflection of your business.

I am not based in Queensland, can you still work for us?

The short answer is yes.
We have team members in Cairns, Bundaberg and Brisbane. Update 11/06/21: One of our team is also currently based in Melbourne. We work with a variety of clients down the East Coast of Australia. We have also work with clients in other States, NZ, UK and in the US. We work with you wherever you are based.

Do you also write text for websites?

Yes we do.

If you want your website to perform at its very best, it pays to commission a professional team like us to write the text. Well written website text is strategically and psychologically designed to help achieved higher conversions.

Website Marketing Text Writing (otherwise known as Direct Response Content Writing) is a highly specialised area that requires training and experience. Excellently written website text that is highly thought through, unique, inter-personal, interesting and engaging yields much higher conversion rates for your business.

Your website text should not contain waffle, however the text needs to be insightful enough so your site visitors can gain a clear understanding of the value and expertise you, your team and your business posses.

Along with ‘website marketing text writing services’, we also provide technical and non-technical blog article writing, client co-writing collaboration and publishing services. Additionally we train, coach and mentor clients to help them improve their blog writing skills, social media posts, email newsletters, print graphic design, video scripts and any other form of marketing writing.

Do you train us so we can update and manage our website ourself?

Yes. We provide face to face, skype or Zoom, GoToMeeting (etc) website training plus we also provide video training tutorials, so you are trained on how to login, manage and update your website yourself, to save you money. We additionally tutor in using Pixlr and/or Adobe Photoshop so you can correctly resize and optimise images for your website. Image compression tools can also be added into your WordPress website in certain situations.

We want you to be able to update and manage your website easily and correctly.

Let’s Talk

To discuss your website needs, give us a call on 1300 887 427 or contact us online. Feel free to also ask questions – we are happy to answer them so you can make an informed decision about any of our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some additional frequently asked questions we are sometimes asked:

We are time-poor but we regularly need to update our website. Can you do this for us?

Yes we can. We have methods and processes that make this very easy. We also use a job ticketing system to ensure we do all the jobs you send us. No job will be missed. We get jobs done fast, accurately and professionally. We don’t take short-cuts.

Do we only use the Website Engine for websites you create?

No we don’t just use for the websites we create. We select the best website engine for your project based on your goals.

However, is a very secure website platform when setup correctly on secure hosting. Because is open-source, it can also save you a lot of money in website license fees that other platforms charge. We also have lifetime unlimited usage licenses for some of the paid plugins for websites. This too saves you money longer-term.

Note too that many of the great Plugins built by the community are amazing and provide functionality to your website that would otherwise cost a LOT of money to custom-code. websites are POWERFUL and they save you a MASSIVE amount of money.

We have worked with many website engines/platforms in the past. We also work with the Shopify if it is desired by the client.

My website does not perform. Can you audit it and then tell me why?

We can be commissioned to provide detailed website audits where we investigate your website and provide you with a written report and talk you through our investigation findings and recommendations.

We offer auditing for all types of services, not just websites; video, animation, print graphic design, website text, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Adwords, email newsletters, marketing and advertising campaigns, online sales funnels, etc. If your marketing and advertising is not working hard enough or producing the results you are expecting or wanting, we can review it, audit it, and tell you why and how to fix it.

What are some of the ways to increase the performance of my website?

There are many, many ways to increase the performance of your website. It all depends on your business and your unique goals. However, here are some that are almost always used on every website we create:  Strong Value Proposition Statement on the home page, sub-heading statements, publishing your points of differentiation, unique selling points. A REALLY important one is ‘proof to support claims’ which builds trust. Anyone can say anything about themselves on their website. it is the proof that backs it up that leads to trust, which leads to enquiries and sales.
Some examples of ‘proof to support claims’ include: customer testimonials, reviews, case-studies, awards, certifications, licences and accreditation.

Your website also needs to have ‘excellent offers’!

The website REALLY needs to be designed and written for your ‘ideal targeted customer buyer personas’; aka ‘your ideal customer audience types’.

Using your website to build leads REALLY increase your sites performance too.

A traffic acquisition strategy that we can help you with will also DRAMATICALLY increase the performance of your website… BUT ONLY if your website itself is high quality. if it is not, we can fix this.

Landing pages, promotions, special offers and other marketing activities added into your website work great too.

Typically over 50% of your website visitors will visit your website on their mobile phone. It is therefore essential that your website can be easily used on a mobile phone.

Additionally, your website should be easy to understand at a glance, memorable in its marketing messages and cater to the various ways in which people digest information when in research mode.  We all know people are time poor. The website therefore ALSO has to be designed with that in mind.

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