Websites that Perform

The websites we provide are to help you achieve your goals and are also designed to last and provide excellent lifetime value for you.

As you probably know, most people are internet savvy and research before deciding if they will or won’t make contact with your business. Your website is usually the first thing they look at. To dramatically increase and maximise sales, your website needs to be found online, be user-friendly and an excellent and correct reflection and representation of your business. It also needs to be strategically crafted to appeal to your ideal target audiences. A website that does this is an asset that works hard for your business 24/7. It will convert website visitors into leads, enquiries sales. This is called a ‘performer website’.

We work tirelessly to produce high quality performer websites for small and medium sized businesses, organisations, NFP’s, clubs, charities, grass-roots groups and individuals. We also have experience and capacity to work with larger entities. We dedicate ourselves to each and every website project and client.

A modern website needs to be easily and cost-effectively tweak-able, modify-able, update-able and scale-able.

The websites we supply are all of those things. They are also fast and easy to update and manage. They also make it easy to advertise promotions, employment opportunities, events, special offers, create landing pages and ANY other thing you can possibly think of.

We can provide you with a small business website package or a fully custom-built website based on specific needs. Both are built on the same platform and both can be grown/expanded/scaled with additional features and functionality added as desired by you in the future.

Please view the 2 packages below:

1. Small Business Starter Websites:

A one-page website may be all that is needed initially. This can often be a high value and also cost effective initial interim solution, especially when in business start-up phase. A small multi-page website may also be an efficient entry level solution. It is also suitable for small club websites. These ‘starter websites’ provide you with a fully functional website that is mobile phone optimised, professionally designed, search-engine friendly and can have a blog, image gallery, online booking system or any other set of features added.

2. Tailored Custom Websites:

Strategically planned to provide maximum value to your business, organisation, NFP, charity, book author or book selling website or personal brand website. These websites are fully tailor-made specifically with your longer-term goals and requirements in mind. They are strategically designed and can contain any functionality you request including but not limited to an online shop, staff login portal, membership system, eLearning login member only platform, multiple location embedded Google Map, HD Streaming video locked to the websites IP address, forum, file repository or any other website application, module or feature requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Accessibility Compliance under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) on how to make Web content more accessible to people with disabilities can also be included in ANY website we provide.

All websites we create are built on quality professional Content Management System (CMS) platforms that have layers of security protection added and are configured accordingly.

They can also be redesigned or reskinned if you change your branding or want an even more ‘fresher new look’ that may not currently exist, which may be ‘the latest fashion’ in the future.

Below are also some additional questions we are often asked:

Do you also create pop-up websites for events and festivals?

We sure do!  We enjoy creating any kind of site. Event and Festival websites are no exception. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 887 427 to chat more about your next project.  We also design flyers, posters and other print marketing collateral materials. Plus we create quality video and animations.

Do you also do logo design branding work?

Yes, in every website design project we do, the front of our mind is thinking about how we will best represent your brand/business through design. We also make sure your website is WAY better than your competitors. We do online competitor research as part of the strategic planning  before we present our proposal to you.

Since your website is your primary ‘online face of your business’, we know how extremely important it is to design it so it positively reinforces your existing performing brand messages and also communicates effectively any new brand and marketing messages you may want to promote.

We use cutting-edge web design techniques which don’t date quickly but have ‘WOW factor’ (and appeal) and we effectively communicate your market positioning so people (site visitors) perceive your business the way you want them to. Your website will resonate with your target audiences, be memorable and create a lasting impression.

We use your existing logo for your new website, but there are times when a client may want us to re-design their logo. We provide logo design, logo re-design and brand development services.

We also provide full design services. We are print graphic designers, videographers, animators, illustrators, growth coaches, marketers and not just logo and web designers. All your print marketing collateral materials will reflect your brand correctly. All of our work helps convince potential consumers to buy from your business.

Do you also produce websites for larger organisations, businesses, Councils and Government?

Yes we do. We have years of experience producing websites of all sizes. We have produced, maintained and security maintained websites for all types of institutions in the past including Councils, education institutions and larger businesses, organisations and NFP’s. We are also experienced in providing Service Level Agreements and meeting and exceeding compliance requirements. We also work under Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and Confidentiality Agreements (CA’s).

Do you host websites and register Domain Names?

Yes, we do host websites. We are resellers for one of Australia’s best and most reputable AUSTRALIAN based website hosting. This ensures your site loads fast and is hosted on a website platform that is stable. Our host provider also conducts ‘off-site’ remote backups for added peace of mind.

We provide hosting for any size of website. Your website will load fast and be able to handle peak traffic (website visitor) periods.

We also provide quality Website SSL Security Certificates.

Yes we also register Domain Names.

Do you provide business grade email?

Yes we do provide business grade Domain Based Email. We have been providing Larger iMAP and Hosted Exchange Email to clients for many years.

Do you do website security and backups?

Yes we offer full website security maintenance and backup services for those with a WordPress website.

For your website to be secure it also needs to be hosted with a reputable website hosting provider. We provide this too.
The Stay Smart Online Gov website has recently issued a statement about this. You can view it here. We recommend reading it. (Stay Smart Online is the Australian Government’s online safety and security website).

Prevention is key to keeping your website secure.

Do I need to be concerned if I have a limited budget?

If you are not sure about how much you should invest/ budget, or what your allocated budget needs to be, give us a call and we can chat.

We can also be commissioned to help you map out your marketing, digital marketing, website traffic acquisition, Google search and digital advertising budgets so they are accurate, to ensure they contain enough allocated budget to actually achieve your required level of results.

We work to ensure you get the best business outcome. We have options, methods, payment options, repayment plans if required (that are quite flexible), rental options, and a secret option, so you get the best result based on what you can afford to invest, within reason.

What are your payment options?

We offer up front quotes with standard payment terms, repayment plans, website rentals and a few other secret cost saving methods that we will mention when we chat. We know cash-flow is king, so we make it as easy as we can for you to own a website that performs.

Are your websites fast to update?

Yep they sure are!

We know many businesses add, modify and pivot services and products rapidly within their business based on customer demand, market trends and forecasts. This gives them the winning edge. They also conceive, marketing and advertise promotional campaigns and seasonal marketing initiatives quickly.

Based on our experiences serving clients over the past 15 years, we know you need to be able to update your website FAST to reflect these business ‘happenings’ and other activities you wish to promote quickly. This is another reason why we use the website platforms that we advocate. They allow changes to be made fast and easily so your website is always an accurate reflection of your business.

What is the lifespan of a website you create?

Unlike many websites, our websites are designed to last at least 5 years. You would have seen that website design trends change, just like any other form or ‘design’ or ‘fashion’. We design sites so they last! So that you get good ‘lifetime value’ of your website. If however you ever want to freshen up its design, modify it to ‘be ahead of the fashion pack’, change your branding (logo, etc), or just want a new look, the way we build our websites means we can ‘redesign’ or ‘reskin’ them without having to rebuild them entirely from scratch. This can save you a LOT of money!

Do you only produce websites for those based in Australia or do you also work with clients in other countries?

Most of our current clients are based in Australia. We have and do work with clients in other countries. In these instances we also make ourselves available for meetings at times that are mutually agreeable.

Do you also write text for websites?

Yes we do.

If you want your website to perform at its very best, it pays to commission a professional team like us to write the text. Well written website text is strategically and psychologically designed to help achieved higher conversions.

Website Marketing Text Writing (otherwise known as Direct Response Content Writing) is a highly specialised area that requires training and experience. Excellently written website text that is highly thought through, unique, inter-personal, interesting and engaging yields much higher conversion rates for your business.

Your website text should not contain waffle, however the text needs to be insightful enough so your site visitors can gain a clear understanding of the value and expertise you, your team and your business posses.

Along with ‘website marketing text writing services’, we also provide technical and non-technical blog article writing, client co-writing collaboration and publishing services. Additionally we train, coach and mentor clients to help them improve their blog writing skills, social media posts, email newsletters, print graphic design, video scripts and any other form of marketing writing.

Tip: If you plan to write your website text yourself, we recommend you enroll in a short course to learn the basics including some of the strategies and concepts.

Do you train us so we can update and manage our website ourself?

Yes. We provide face to face, skype or Zoom, GoToMeeting (etc) website training plus we also provide video training tutorials, so you are trained on how to login, manage and update your website yourself, to save you money. We additionally tutor in using Pixlr and/or Adobe Photoshop so you can correctly resize and optimise images for your website. Image compression tools can also be added into your WordPress website in certain situations.

We want you to be able to update and manage your website easily and correctly.

Let’s Talk

To discuss your website needs, give us a call on 1300 887 427 or contact us online. Feel free to also ask questions – we are happy to answer them so you can make an informed decision about any of our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some additional frequently asked questions we are sometimes asked:

Do you fix existing website and do content updates?

Yes we can. Send us an enquiry or call us and let us know what you would like done on your website. We’ll view your website and provide options. 

Do we only use the Website Engine for websites you create?

No we don’t just use for the websites we create. We select the best website engine for your project based on your goals.

However, is a very secure website platform when setup correctly on secure hosting. Because is open-source, it can also save you a lot of money in website license fees that other platforms charge. We also have lifetime unlimited usage licenses for some of the paid plugins for websites. This too saves you money longer-term.

Note too that many of the great Plugins build by community are amazing and provide functionality to your website that would otherwise cost a LOT of money if they did not exist… which would mean you would have to pay for the features to be custom built from the ground up if you needed them. websites are POWERFUL and they save you a MASSIVE amount of money.

We have worked with many website engines/platforms in the past. We also work with the Shopify if it is desired by the client.

My website does not perform. Can you audit it and then tell me why?

We can be commissioned to provide detailed website audits where we investigate your website and provide you with a written report and talk you through our investigation findings and recommendations.

We offer auditing for all types of services, not just websites; video, animation, print graphic design, website text, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Adwords, email newsletters, marketing and advertising campaigns, online sales funnels, etc. If your marketing and advertising is not working hard enough or producing the results you are expecting or wanting, we can review it, audit it, and tell you why and how to fix it.

Why and how do I build leads using my website?

Not everyone visiting your website is ready to  buy from you. Some people are just researching. As a scenario, consider the person on their lunch break who ONLY has a few minutes spare to do some quick personal research.  As another scenario also consider the assistant in a corporate office who has been delegated to find service providers in your area and has to report their finding back to management. Or in another scenario imagine a lady shopping for dresses online but not yet ready to buy, OR think of any number of other scenarios

Simply following or liking your business on social media does not cut it anymore because of the facebook algorithm changes in 2018. Facebook Retargeting can help but don’t rely on it.

You want to give people a fast, compelling and easy way to give you their email address while they are on your website. You don’t want them clicking away. You want their email address. You want as many emails addresses as you can get. Each is a lead for your business.

A great way to help someone give you their email address when they are on your website is by providing an opt-in method (lead capture) on your website.

Instead of just a ‘join their mailing list’ opt-in which won’t attract many people to hand over their email address (because there is not much instant value or incentive), to build leads on your website you ‘incentivise’ your site visitors by offering them a REAL incentive. This is called a ‘lead magnet’. Your lead magnet could be a monthly competition prize (which works great for retail online stores), a highly insightful and useful free eBook, a checklist, a ticket to a free Webinar you are conducting soon or some other ‘perceived item of value’.

Do some Google research to find out what are some of the ‘best lead magnets to use for your business type’. Here are also 15 pretty good ones. You can also work with people like us to help you conceive other really great ideas as well. We also know of many that are highly successful when used correctly.

An excellent lead generation strategy for your website is a win, win for everyone.  The site visitor gets the free item, you get their email address (lead) and if you get a professional to write and setup quality automated emails (autoresponders), they get dripped to the person who signed up for the free item. These might be ‘dripped’ to the recipient every week or every fortnight for the next 7 or more weeks.  You keep educating them about your business with these autoresponders and your business stays ‘top of their mind’ (think ‘brand reinforcement’). THEN when they ARE ready to buy from your business type, they will highly likely buy from you.  This strategy has been around for over 15 years. It has evolved over that time, but it has lasted the test of time because it works!

Another similar process to build leads using your website is ‘online sales funnels’ combined with online advertising using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google. If you want to know more about how to build highly targeted excellent leads using ‘online sales funnels’, give us a call.

What are some of the other ways to increase the performance of my website?

There are many, many ways to increase the performance of your website. It all depends on your business and your unique goals. However, here are some that are almost always used on every website we create:  Strong Value Proposition Statement on the home page, sub-heading statements, publishing your points of differentiation, unique selling points.

The website REALLY needs to be designed and written for your ‘ideal targeted customer buyer personas’; aka ‘your ideal customer audience types’.

The site should be easy to understand at a glance, memorable in its marketing messages and cater to the various ways in which people digest information when in research mode.  We all know people are time poor. The website therefore ALSO has to be designed with that in mind.

What else can you do?

We can do heaps! We do all the things mentioned in this website. We can also assist you with VA (Virtual Assistant) type jobs.

Any small jobs you need doing and want to outsource can be done by us too. There’s nothing we can not do including create landing pages and online sales funnel campaigns, format eBooks, helping you get your book(s) self-published, video edits, website and marketing material audits with recommendations (supplied as a report and presented in a Skype, Zoom, phone or face to face presentation meeting where we discuss our findings), animated video graphics, animation, video shoots, quality powerpoint presentations, importing lists into your mailing list software, transcribing audio to text using quality and affordable service providers, photo digital restoration work, image resizing for websites, etc. These are just a few examples. You name it and we can do it.