We’ve been asked again recently, “What do you do”. The answer to this is simple, “We help businesses, organisations and NFP’s with their growth.”

We’ve also being asked a lot lately, “What are some of the ways we work with clients?”
We work with clients in 4 main ways:

  1. We do projects for clients when requested
  2. We coach and mentor clients to help them with their growth in this internet-connected digital marketing age
  3. We do monthly work for clients – eg ‘done for your services” which they often cherry-pick. Sometimes they select a combination like: SEO, Google Adwords, website, leads and sales growth. Some also send us website update jobs and odd jobs
  4. Working on retainer with clients who want holistic marketing and advertising growth.

In options 2, 3 and 4 part of what we do is:

  • Help our clients overcome and solve their biggest growth problems
  • Help our clients achieve their goals.

Over the last 3 years when people enquiry, they seem to ask for one of these 4 things:

  1. Wanting a single project created. eg. A new website, videos, animations, graphic design, logo design, or any of our other services.
  2. Asking for better branding (sometimes even a new logo), new website, print design and social media help
  3. Business growth coaching
  4. Others come to us straight up asking for REAL serious business growth.

This article focuses on sharing a few of the key steps in our process when clients ask us for growth:

1/ The first thing we need to know is what their 12 month, 2 year, 3 year and 5 year growth goals are.
For the sake of this article lets imaging a fictitious business who’s monetary growth goals include:

  • 12 month growth goal: 130% gross revenue sales increase and 30% profit margin increase
  • 2 years growth goal: a further 120% gross revenue sales increase and retention of their current percentage of profit
  • 3 years growth goal: a further 120% gross revenue sales increase and retention of their current percentage of profit
  • 5 years growth goal: a further 120% gross revenue sales increase and retention of their current percentage of profit

There are of course many other goals that each individual (and each business) has. For this article though, we’re focusing on monetary growth goals.

2/ We learn about how they have been approaching sales, marketing and advertising in the past, and to this point in time. They provide us with a full list. We then ask how each performed. We use this info to better understand their situation and what got them to this point (and what worked and what didn’t) so we meet them where they’re currently at… to be able to help moving forward.

At this point, if we have not already signed confidentiality agreement paperwork, we do so. We then begin:

  • Discussing how they would like us to best work for them (based usually on one or more of the methods mentioned above)
  • Formulate a written plan
  • Discuss timeframes
  • Once the plan is formulated, written, presented and agreed to, we then start the work
  • We begin implementing the plan
  • We measure results and provide this info to our clients.
  • We us ‘the 3 m’s’: monitor, measure, modify.
  • We work above and beyond to get the best results possible.
  • Review the plan ever 6 months. We also review the plan if the client wants to ramp things up, once they can see initial results.

We also ensure our skills and knowledge is up to date, so that we only ever provide the solutions and strategies that actually work. As we need to we also keep expanding our team. No good if only a few of us know how to do this kind of work. Atm our newest team member James is being further trained in many areas of digital marketing.

We use data and scientific methods in all marketing and advertising work we do. We also tap into our years of buyer psychology and marketing experience.

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