If you have set up a Facebook Business Page, and have added your business Open Hours, but your Facebook Business Page is saying “Closed Now” when in fact it should be saying it is open, it is very annoying. We have provided a step-by-step tutorial (below) showing how to fix this bug. It is pretty easy to fix once you know what to do.

It is probably the map that is causing the issue:

If the location map pointer (red pointer icon) is not located at your business address and is instead ‘in the middle of the ocean’ or somewhere else in the world, this is what is causing the issue.

To fix it, modify the map pointer and place it on your actual location. Here is what to do:

Step 1: After logging into your personal Facebook account, click into your Facebook business page.

Step 2: Once in your Facebook business page, click the ‘About’ tab.

Step 3: Within the ‘Contact and Basic Info’ section of the About page, locate the ‘Contact Info’.

Step 4: Click the ‘Contact info’ edit icon.

Step 5: View the map. Move (drag) the red location icon to your actual location. You will need to zoom out and then zoom back in to do this.

Step 6: Save your changes. If the ‘save’ button is ‘greyed out’ and won’t let you ‘save’ your changes, here is a trick: Delete the last letter from your address in the address field. Then it will allow you to save the changes. Once you have saved the changes, re-add that last letter to the address, that you previously removed. Then save your changes again.

Step 7: Now go back to the main page of your Facebook Business page. Refresh your Web Browser (you will need to clear the cache). If you are using a PC computer and the Google Chrome Web Browser the method to ‘clear the browser cache’ is to hold down the Ctrl Key on your keyboard and click the refresh button in your Chrome Web Browser (do this at the same time). If you are using a Mac, or a different web browser or mobile phone, search Google for “how to refresh the browser cache in [insert the name of your web browser and/or your mobile phone type]” to find out how.

Step 8: Check the ‘Posts’ tab in your Facebook Business Page. Check that in the left-hand side menu it now says “Open Now”. If it does, the problem is fixed. If it doesn’t let me know in the below comments and I can help you troubleshoot this further.

Side note: I found this solution on redit after one of my clients reported the issue on her Facebook Business Page that we recently set up together. I also write and publish posts with her for her business page.


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