Keeping Your Site Secure

It does not matter what platform your website is built on – it will always need to be security maintained.

The Stay Smart Online Gov website has also recently issued a statement about this. You can view it here, we recommend reading this. (Stay Smart Online is the Australian Government’s online safety and security website).

We provide full WordPress Website Security Maintenance and backup services. If you own a WordPress website and it does not get security updated regularly feel free to contact us and request our pricing. We also do regular backups as part of the service.

If your WordPress site is not security maintained you run a very real risk of a hacker finding a way into your site. Once they do that they can totally destroy your website. They can also change your text, possibly access sensitive information, install viruses on your website that will affect your website visitors like the Spora RansomWare Virus and do other very nasty things that can dramatically upset you, your business and your website visitors.

We have had many people turn to us in recent years who have either:

  • They built their site themselves
  • A family member or friend built it for them.
  • Their website designer built it but never mentioned the importance of security updates and regular backups
  • They were never told about Security Plugins that also should have been installed and configured on their website. Those plugins were never installed which also made their site easy pickings. One of the really good Security Plugins is WordFence btw.

These people unfortunately did not know that security maintenance was important because they were never told. There were also never told that backups are also extremely important. As a result their sites got hacked. They then turned to us. Once all is fixed they become very loyal clients of ours and opt for one of our WordPress Website Security Maintenance Care Plans. Fixing a hacked website is NOT cheap though.

Prevention though is key and much cheaper than fixing a hacked website. Best not to wait until your site gets hacked!

Contact us to find out more or phone us on 1300 887 427.