Our Team

Below are the bios of some of our team members. Many of us have backgrounds in website design, strategy, conversion rate optimisation, graphic design, art/ creativity, marketing, digital advertising and business growth. We each have specialised skills that allow us as a team to provide full-stack digital marketing services to help you grow your business or maintain a market leading position.

Jay Daniells

Owner, Senior Strategist, Coach, Website & Branding Design Specialist, Digital Marketer, Project Manager, Senior Designer, Artist, Writer and Developer

Jay is the owner of Green Valley Digital. He is our senior website designer & consultant, senior conversion rate optimisation (CRO) specialist, lead social media manager and one of our lead digital marketing, digital advertising and business growth coaches/ consultants. Jay also creates graphic art & illustrative jobs and can be commissioned. He’s also a mentor, tutor and trainer. Jay believes in integrity, trustworthiness, getting results, accountability, togetherness, unity, there is no ‘i’ in ‘team’, connection, community, caring, attentiveness, giving back, paying it forward, having the right people in your corner, never stopping learning, skill collecting, helping & serving others.

Jay is also a farmers son, a local Assistant Scout Leader, a sportsman, handy person, maker of things and a bike refurb & restorer. He is also a local CoderDojo Mentor. The photo on this page was taken with some of his Scouts in 2019 while getting ready for a camp.

Jay has worked on many large, medium and small projects as a project manager, lead designer, consultant, client account manager, writer, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) provider, artist, social media manager and digital marketer & advertiser. He is very creative and also a very real-world lateral thinker. He started in the industry in 2003 when he used to work for a Film and TV Creative Media Facility at Roma Street in Brisbane.

Jay grew up on a farm near the small Queensland town of Gayndah. He moved to Brisbane when he was 17 and moved back to regional Queensland in 2008. He travels to clients as needed; Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Agnes Water/1770, anywhere. He’ll also jump on a plane if required.

Quick note from Jay: “I REALLY enjoy/luv working with our clients and all aspects of marketing, media, websites, internet, creativity and everything we do at Green Valley Digital. I especially luv getting immersed in growth planning with clients and collaborating on projects with them and our team.

I focus on the hear-and-now but also like to keep an eye on what is coming around the corner. I’m especially interested in what is happening next with drones, AI, augmented reality, Google and AI and websites with AI… but am also weary of advancements that may not be ideal for future generations. Positively assisting our next generations and giving back is very important to me.” 

Ethical, rational, respectful and creative. His LinkedIn profile is here. Jay has been raised with traditional values, a strong hard-work ethic and has respect for all others including his elders.

Currently Jay is 40 years old. You can connect with him on InstagramFacebook, our facebook business page and he also posts to our Twitter account. He also volunteers his time to co-moderate the business and community facebook group.

Jay and the rest of the Green Valley Digital team, believe it’s very important to give back to the community. If you have or are a part of a cause, feel free to contact Jay if you’d like website, design and/or marketing assistance. We are happy to discuss ‘in-kind’ sponsorship. We have done this for Bethlehem Live Bundaberg and others for several years.

Kylie Smith

Senior Designer, Senior Video Effects, Video and Animation Project Manager, Strategist, Webdesigner, Website Security Manager, Artist and Writer

Kylie has been working with Jay since 2003. She was once his Manager at a Film and TV Post-Production Facility at Roma St in Brisbane. In 2005/2006, Kylie and Jay resigned and started their own businesses. Kylie owns To The Point Productions and also works for Green Valley Digital. Jay and some of the other Green Valley Digital teams members also contract to Kylie’s business when needed. Green Valley Digital and To The Point Productions are brother and sister businesses.

Kylie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Television and Radio from the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. Kylie is one of the project managers, website support staff, senior designers, artists, writers and website security managers at Green Valley Digital. She is also a senior video effects manager.

Kylie is a creative all-rounder and lateral-thinker. She is also art-director for many video production and animation projects. Amongst things she manages a team of 2D and 3D animations and is very skilled at using Adobe After Effects. Kylie also works as a consultant to those wanting to self-publish books.

For a few weeks each year, Kylie is also commissioned to travel and work overseas as part of the Audio Visual Team for the Betta Electrical annual conference.

You can view some examples of Kylie’s video production work on the video and animation portfolio of this website.

Kylie has well over 20 years experience in the ‘graphic design for the television industry’, print design and website industry. She loves the creative process of ‘bringing ideas to life’. Her LinkedIn profile is here.

Jay Donaldson

Head of Web IT Hosting & Business Email, Strategist and Developer

There are ‘2 Jay’s’ at Green Valley Digital but it is only a little confusing at first. Jay Donaldson is our most senior Technical IT Specialist. Jay, Kylie and Jay started working together in 2004. Jay too was part of the Film and TV Post-Production business in Brisbane, located at Roma Street.

Jay knows his stuff! Hosting, Email, Security, Systems Administration and just about anything technical, Jay is the go-to guy. Our clients’ and their various email configurations are in extremely safe hands. He is also creative in his own right and has very solid Digital Marketing skills.

In Jay Donaldson’s own words, “It is great to be part of such a vibrant and energetic team! The Green Valley Digital focus is always on providing the best services, results and support possible for our clients.”

Jay’s been providing web services professionally since 1996. Like Jay Daniells and Kylie, he too never stops learning. It is always reassuring to know there are people like this in your website and marketing agency’s team. Jay’s LinkedIn profile is here.

James Latter

Videographer, Camera Operator, Editor, Website Assistant

James Latter joined the team in 2018. He is a Freelance videographer/ editor/ film maker. He is also one of our HD video camera operators, one of our video strategists and website content publishers. James shoots and edits corporate videos for businesses all around the country, and also co-organises the Bunderground Film Festival.

He also made a short film called “Traveller” which has gained attention and won awards.

James has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, TV and New Media Production) with distinction from QUT (graduate year 2014).

His interests outside of video productions and web design include playing guitar in two local Bundaberg bands: The Hybrids and Pridecaller. In James’s own words, ‘If I am not doing something film or web related, I am doing something musical.”

To follow James, you can find his Instagram page here. His website is: jameslatterfilms.com

Rohan Boas

Junior Developer & Website Assistant

Rohan was selected to join the team in 2018. Prior to this he had done work experience with us when he was only 15. He also did a Summer internship with us that same year.

Rohan is our current junior team member. We are looking form more young people like him atm. He has a great technology and problem solving mind, works fast to task and knows how to quality assurance and test his own work. He is an asset to our team! 

Right now Rohan is still in high school but works for us around school hours. 

We believe in giving back and paying it forward to the next generations by providing junior work experience, internships and paid contractor positions to young people. 

“I am interested in the ‘How/why does this work?’ of technology because I think it is important as well as fun to understand how the technology we use everyday works. I also enjoy creating my own small coding projects because it is a fun and useful way to achieve a goal and explore new ideas and technologies. I like working on/creating websites because it contributes to the world wide web of information, creating a richer resource for everyone and allowing people to interact regardless of distance. I enjoy playing video games as a unique way to experience stories and have fun with friends. In the future, I plan to continue exploring different technologies and see where that takes me.”

Contractors and Freelancers

We also have associate team members, contractors and freelancers who work with us as needed. They include graphic designers, animators, illustrators, graphic artists, direct response content writers and fellow specialised business consultants.

Let’s Talk

To discuss your next project, call us on 1300 887 427 or contact us online. Feel free to also ask questions – we are happy to answer them so you can make an informed decision about any of our services. We look forward to hearing from you.