Our Team

Below are the bios of some of our team members. Many of us have backgrounds in website design, digital & traditional marketing, graphic design, signage design, art/ creativity, strategy, lead generation, digital advertising and business growth. We have been working together for a long time. We may be considered a small team, however, most of us have over 20 years of experience and we get things done! Every job and every project is done correctly so you receive the best possible results!

Jay Daniells

Owner, Senior Strategist, Coach, Website & Branding Design Specialist, SEO person, Digital Marketer, Project Manager, Senior Designer, Developer, Website Security, Video Creator, Artist, Content Writer and more.

Jay loves serving others! He is the owner of Green Valley Digital. Jay has been in this industry for over 20 years. When you work with us, you work directly with Jay and the team. We do NOT palm you off to an inexperienced junior employee.

Amongst things, he believes in achieving THE best results for our clients, being reliable, integrity, trustworthy, togetherness, unity, there is no ‘i’ in ‘team’, connection, community, caring, attentiveness, giving back, paying it forward, having the right people in your corner, never stopping learning, skill collecting and being useful.

Jay is a website and SEO specialist. Plus he is a graphic designer and digital marketing all-rounder.

He is also a farmer’s son, a handy person and a maker of things. He was also an avid sportsperson (more so when he was younger), . You can find his personal website here (www.jaydaniellsweb.com.au) where he mainly blogs about some of the projects he does in his spare time.

During his career he has worked on many large, medium and small projects as a project manager, lead designer, consultant, brand developer, content writer, SEO provider, artist and digital marketer (and more).

In Jay’s own words, “We’re very lucky to live in Australia. Let’s utilise the many opportunities this country provides us and achieve your goals.”


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He started in the industry in 2002 when he used to work for a Film and TV Creative Media Facility at Roma Street in Brisbane. Prior to that he worked as a junior sign-writer (apprentice), a newspaper ads designer, an architectural model makers assistant and a bunch of other things.

Jay also creates graphic art, illustrations, surfboard art, skateboard art, t-shirt art, motorbike helmet art, etc (pretty much anything). He also accepts commission projects.

He grew up on a farm near the small Queensland town of Gayndah. He moved to Brisbane when he was 17 (in 1997) and moved back to regional Queensland in 2008. He travels to clients as needed. He’ll also jump on a plane if required.

Currently, Jay is in his early/mid 40’s. His LinkedIn profile is here.

Jay Daniells

Jay Donaldson

Head of Web IT Hosting & Business Email, Systems Administration, Website Security, Strategist and Developer

There are ‘2 Jay’s’ at Green Valley Digital but it is only a little confusing at first. Jay Donaldson is our most senior Technical IT Specialist. Jay, Kylie and Jay started working together in 2003 at a Film and TV Post-Production business in Roma Street, Brisbane. They have worked together ever since.

Jay is extremely well versed in all things Website IT including but not limited to Website Hosting, Domain Names, Business Email, Website Security and Systems Administration. Our clients’ and their various website hosting, domain and email configurations are in extremely safe hands due to Jay’s specialist skills and our combined shared knowledge. He is also creative in his own right and has very solid Digital Marketing skills.

In Jay Donaldson’s own words, “It is a great pleasure to be part of such a vibrant and energetic team! The Green Valley Digital focus is always on providing the best services, results and support possible for our clients.”

Jay has been providing web services professionally since 1996. Like Jay Daniells and Kylie Smith, he too knows you can never stop learning in this fast-paced technical industry. Jay’s LinkedIn profile is here.

Kylie Smith

Senior Designer, Senior Video Effects, Video and Animation Project Manager, Strategist, Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Consultant, Artist and Writer

Like Jay, Kylie has an extensive career. Jay Daniells, Kylie Smith and Jay Donaldson (below) are the senior-level team members at Green Valley Digital. Kylie also owners a sister-business called To The Point Productions .

Kylie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Television and Radio from the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. Kylie is one of the project managers, website support staff, senior designers, artists and writers at Green Valley Digital. She is also a senior video effects manager.

Kylie is a creative all-rounder and lateral-thinker. Amongst things, she is very skilled at using Adobe After Effects. Kylie also works as a consultant to those wanting to self-publish books, including print on demand.

For a few weeks each year, Kylie is also commissioned to travel and work overseas as part of the Audio Visual Team for the Betta Electrical annual conference. One of her specialist areas is creating digital assets for conferences and seminars.

You can view some examples of Kylie’s video production work in our video and animation portfolio.

Kylie loves the creative process and ‘bringing ideas to life’. Her LinkedIn profile is here.

Kylie Smith

Other Team Members

We have many friends who work with us as needed; animators, content publishers, editors, camera operators, proofreaders, etc. We’re all part of a creative network. 

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