Our focus is providing results for those we work for!

We do things right the first time! We respect that your money is hard-earned. We will NOT waste it! If you choose to work with us, we will keep costs down as MUCH as we possibly can, AND still provide ‘best possible results’!

We are a close-knit team. Our senior-level team members have been working together since 2003. We have combined experience of over 70 years. We’re honest people and we have integrity. When we say we are going to do something, we do it!

We back ourselves, stay relevant, keep abreast of the latest website and digital marketing technologies & techniques. Plus we are down-to-earth people and we don’t ‘put on airs’.

We could ‘bang on’ here on this webpage and write more, but as we all know, ‘words are cheap’ and ‘actions’ speak way louder. We also know that ‘time is money’, so we don’t want to waste your time by waffling on here in our website.

If you would like to know anything more or would like to discuss your next project, contact us online or phone us on 1300 887 427.

PS. Update 2/03/24: Our clients (and anyone new we work for) comes first.
It has been ages since we have had the time to review and overhaul our own website. As our time allows we will be doing this during 2024. Our aim:

  • To even further simplify and shorten the text
  • Fewer pages
  • More imagery
  • More examples of our work
  • More useful info in our blog
Who do we work for?

We primarily work for small and medium-sized businesses, organisations, NFP’s, clubs, charities and individuals. Over the years we have also worked for some larger entities and councils.

We’ve worked with all manner of businesses. Some have been in the medical, law, tourism, creative industries, agricultural industry, farming, retail & online retail; to name just a few.

We also have experience working with grass-roots groups.

Most of our clients are located in the East Coast of Australia, however, during the last 14 years, we have also worked with clients in other areas of Australia. We can work for you no matter where you are based.

Green Valley Digital was launched in 2015. Our team though has been working together since 2003. We have oodles of experience!

Do you provide reduced fees for grass-roots groups, clubs, NGO's, charities, social change groups and similar entities?

Yes, we are happy to discuss offering reduced fees for grass-roots groups, charities, environmental groups, clubs, local sporting clubs, NGO’s, conservation groups, social change groups, certain events, community groups, organisations and similar entities.

We believe in helping others and giving back.

Potential pro bono offers, contra, partial contra, sponsorship (in-kind), discounted rates and/or other special project arrangements are available via discussion and negotiation.

How do we keep our prices affordable?

We regularly create and check for new time-saving techniques (and software). We implement the best solutions into our business.

We have very refined processes and proceedures. We also practice our skills regularly. We always focus on ‘getting more done in less time’, without sacrificing quality, quality assurance and/or attention to detail. 

Essentially we do everything we ethically can to keep our prices as affordable as possible for those we work for.

How do we keep our skills up to date?

Each year (prior to COVID) we attended the DigitalMarketer.com Down Under Summit at Broadbeach, Gold Coast. We have also been DigitalMarketer.com members in the past. We also regularly attend conferences, seminars and webinars. HubSpotMozSEMRush and Udemy are just a few of the other online communities we utilise. Also we buy online courses. Plus we have each got our own educational backgrounds, years of experience that we draw upon, and ways of figuring things out for ourselves. We’re all create and technical people. 

We also regularly watch relevant content on YouTube.

Side note: There are 8,760 hours in a year. We each invest over 800 of them to keep our skills and knowledge up to date.

My website is not performing. Can you tell me what needs fixing?

We sure can! We’ve been doing website audit health checks for over 15 years.

As part of the health-check process, we investigate your website and your direct competitors’ websites. We also use special industry software tools to inform you as to what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc your competitors are running.

We then provide you with a written report and talk you through our investigation findings.

Side note: We offer health-check auditing for all types of services, not just websites. This includes but is not limited to video, animation, print graphic design, website text, SEO, Google Adwords, email newsletters, marketing and advertising campaigns, online sales funnels, marketing automation, signage, branding, etc.

Put simply, if your marketing and advertising is not working hard enough or producing the results you are expecting or wanting, we can review it, audit it, and explain why and how to fix it.