Website Packages

We create websites based on your needs, wants, desires and your budget. We’ll work with you to find a great solution that works within your budget. We always focus on providing the best possible websites as affordably as we can.

Please note: Quoting a website project is based on the expected time it will take to create it. No two websites are the same. This is why we unfortunately can’t provide set prices here on our website.

Some websites are relatively simple and therefore cost way less. A simple one-page websites can be a good example of this. A simple 2 to 5 page website is also pretty straightforward. On the other hand, a custom online shop is far more complex and requires a LOT more work (and man-hours), unless it is a simple online shop set up with Square or Shopify (using a template).

The below packages are a ‘guide only’.

What is a CMS?

‘CMS’ stands for ‘Content Management System’. It is a technology built into certain websites that allows you to login to your website, make content changes, add PDF’s, videos, images, etc without the need to know code. You can update your website yourself without having to pay a website professional. A CMS website saves you money.

99% percent of the websites we have created since 2011 are CMS websites.

The CMS’s we use are carefully chosen to ensure they are VERY easy for our clients to use.

We provide our clients with one-to-one tutoring and training to show (and teach) them how to login and update their websites. We also provide training videos.
We have taught clients of all ages. We are also only ever a phone call or email away if they ever want assistance.

Side note: Some of our clients are extremely busy, so they have us update their website for them.

What about SEO and other services?

We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services and many other services if you want them. They are optional extras. Contact us to find out more.

Who do we work for?

We focus on working for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, organisations, individuals and larger entities with heart. We also work with business start-ups, events, clubs, charities, grass-roots groups, social change groups, film-makers, etc.

Are there other FAQs I can read?

Yes there sure are. Other FAQs related to creating websites are on this page of our website.