One Page Websites and Mini Website Design

Are you seeking a simple but highly effective website? If so, consider a one-page website or a mini-website. They are very effective for some small businesses, PLUS they are less work to create than multi-paged websites, which makes them cheaper. Some additional uses for one-page and mini-websites include:

  • An interim website (temp site while your actual website is being created)
  • A pop-up website for an event, campaign, grass-roots group, etc
  • Many other uses

We create all types of websites and each has its time and place. We are not suggesting that one-page websites or mini-websites are the be-all-and-end-all. That is not the case! They do have their time and place though.
PLUS they can be updated and expanded over time to become multi-paged websites. In fact, ANYTHING can be added to a one-page website! They are fully updateable, expandable and scalable!

One page websites still have a navigation menu. Instead of linking to multiple pages, the nav menu buttons link to sections on the one page. Usually, a one-page website has 5 sections including your contact details and an enquiry form. Some one-page websites have over 7 sections. We have included a few examples of one-page websites on this page (see below):

Peace of Mind Dental

In 2021 Peace of Mind Dental contacted us requesting a website be made for their business quickly. After a quick phone chat and discussion about what they needed and their goals, they decided that a one-page website was the perfect fit for their immediate needs. We then prepared our quote for the following:

  • Setting up the website hosting
  • Planned the one-page website so it uses the ‘marketing A.I.D.A Rule: ‘Attention, Interest, Desire, Action’. 
  • Crafted an informative and visual one-page website (including adding a location map)
  • Made sure the website was quick to read on a mobile phone (to ensure it ‘flows’).
  • Assistance with content writing (if the client needed it)

We had the website finished and launched quickly. Peace of Mind Dental found our process to be straightforward and very were happy to have a professional website. You can view the site here:

Advanced Thermography

In 2018 Advanced Thermography approached us to create a new website for them. They had a website but whoever created it did a bad job. It did not perform for their business and in the end, it got hacked. They needed a new website FAST. We presented a one-page website strategy. They saw its immense value for their business and quickly agreed to our strategy. We had their new website created within a few days. The website was then launched. It also included an online booking system. Since that time, they have had us add a blog section and a few additional pages. You can view the website here:

Indulge Cafe

In 2020 Indulge Cafe in Bundaberg contacted us seeking a simple website. They specifically said, “simple website”. They decided that our one-page website option sounded great. We prepared our quote and they approved is straight away. We then set about:

  • Planning a visually interesting website for their business that showcased the amazing food and drinks they serve.
  • Setup the website hosting
  • Created their new website.
  • Their new website also contains a location map and a live Instagram feed.

Indulge Cafe really like their new website. Amongst things they can easily change menu information within the website whenever they want.

You can view the site here:

Golden Prospecting Tours

In 2020 Golden Prospecting Tours requested that we provide a one-page website for their business. They approved our quote pretty much instantly. We then designed for them a very effective website and aided with their content for the site. The website was up and running in no time. 

They have since had us assist with setting up their online shop and social media. You can view the site here:

Golden Prospecting Tours - website
Indulge Cafe and Bistro - Bundaberg website
Peace of Mind Dental Bundaberg - website design

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