One Page Websites and Mini Website Design

One page websites are great! They are very effective for a lot of small businesses. PLUS they are MUCH cheaper than larger multi-paged websites!

We create all types of websites and each has its time and place. We are not saying that one-page websites are the be-all-and-end-all. That is not the case! They do have their time and place though!

PLUS they can be updated and expanded over time to become multi-paged websites. In fact, ANYTHING can be added to a one-page website! They are fully updateable, expandable and scalable!

One page websites still have a navigation menu. Instead of linking to multiple pages, the nav menu buttons link to sections on the one page. Usually, a one-page website has 5 sections including your contact details and an enquiry form. Some one-page websites have over 7 sections. We have included a few examples of one-page websites towards the end of this page so you can see first-hand what they look like and how they function.

Below are some of their many additional benefits:

People are time-poor

People are often time-poor when they search for services and/or products online. Sure, some people have extended time to research products they want to buy and that is a topic for another day. But when it comes to searching for services, people tend to do the following:

  1. Grab their mobile phone, laptop or tablet (or use their desktop computer).
  2. Go to Google. Search for whatever they are looking for.
  3. They quickly read the first few search results in Google (usually a skim read). They click the one that sounds the best.
  4. They quickly view the page that loads. If it captures their interest and looks like a page that might contain the info (and/or quality of service or products) they are looking for, they then read some of the text. Because they are time-poor they don’t typically click in and read too many of the pages. Some also only skim read. How do we know this? Because for the last 15 plus years we have been running software on websites that shows us how people interact with each website.
  5. They look for any benefits of the business; Selling points that make the business service or product sound really good or better than other competitors and any proof to back-up the claims the website is making – eg. customer testimonials, reviews, case studies, before, progress and after photos, awards, certifications, licenses, etc.
  6. They look to find how to quickly contact the business (usually they are looking for a phone number or an enquiry form).
  7. They quickly contact the business.
  8. Then they leave the website or leave it open and go do something else.

The point is that they are time-poor! Do not ever think people read every page of your website during their first visit. This simply DOES NOT HAPPEN. Think of it this way: If you had 1 hour free (or more) would you really read through an entire website? I don’t think so. I’m guessing you have other things that you would much rather be doing!

They ONLY contain key information

One page websites are fantastic because they contain the most important information all on one page. They are fast to load and quick to read. They allow the site visitor to become informed quickly, find the phone number or enquiry form easily and allow them to determine that your business is right for them, FAST!

They often perform way better than a multi-paged website

They often have WAY higher conversion rates (performance rates) than multi-paged websites!
This primarily applies to service-based businesses. If you are marketing more than a few products online, this does not typically apply…. unless we start talking about ‘landing pages’ but that is a topic for another day.

They are MUCH cheaper to create

One-page websites are also MUCH faster to create than multi-paged websites because there is less work involved! This means you can have a new website up and running REALLY quickly! This is super-important if:

  • You are just starting a new business
  • You have a tired old website that is not performing anywhere near as well as it should
  • You have a new-ish website but it is average and needs to be redone
  • You are only selling one or a few products
  • You have a limited budget

If you have a very limited budget and you get someone to create a multi-paged website for you, it will be average quality. Instead of going down that path (which leads to disappointment) ask for a one-page website instead. Great energy will go into making that one-page website really great!

THEN as you achieve more marketing budget in the future (as your business grows) you can invest in more pages and more functionality into your website, because like we said in the intro of this page, one-page websites can be expanded as needed.

There are no limits to how a one-page website can be expanded. Here are just a few:

  • More pages added
  • Landing pages added (important for your Google Ads,  organic traffic from Google strategies including Search Engine Optimisation, event promotion pages, seasonal marketing special offer pages, lead generation strategies, etc)
  • A Blog or news section can be added
  • Staff login portals (or sales team portals)
  • eLearning courses
  • Anything and everything you can possibly think of!

Mini websites vs one-page websites: If you have a need for more than 1 page and you have the budget, a mini-website is typically 2 to 4 pages. These sites are a ‘one-up’ on a one-page website in certain situations ONLY. Speak with us about mini-websites if you feel this is more what you are looking for.

Here are a few examples of one-page websites we have created:

Mundubbera Motor Inn

During 2020 Mundubbera Motor Inn approached us to provide them with a new website. The new owners wanted a MUCH better website than what currently existed. They needed quality and they needed it to perform! We created a one-page website for them with an additional page that is all about the Mundubbera region. The new website also allows site visitors to book online.

To create the new website they simply supplied us with photos. We colour corrected these photos in Photoshop and created a very attractive and easy to use two-page website. We utilised the text from their old website and enhanced it as well.

It will be very easy to also create additional pages, landing pages for Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, marketing campaigns, etc if/when requested by the client.

You can view the website here:

Advanced Thermography

In 2018 Advanced Thermography approached us to create a new website for them. They had a website but whoever created it did a bad job. It did not perform for their business and in the end, it got hacked. They needed a new website FAST. We presented a one-page website strategy. They saw its immense value for their business and quickly agreed to our strategy. We had their new website created within a few days. The website was then launched. It also included an online booking system. Since that time, they have had us add a blog section and a few additional pages. You can view the website here:

Playing with Fire – Band

Playing with Fire needed a good website asap in 2020 to help with their marketing and venue bookings. They heard about us and quickly agreed to a one-paged website. They had an existing video so we made that a feature of the website. Any events they publish into their Facebook Business Page will also auto-magically appear within their website. This saves them time updating their website each time they hold an event. They also needed some frequently asked questions included within their one-page site. You can view the site here:

Additional info and few examples

Each one of the above-mentioned websites is hosted with us. We have also provided business-grade email to two of them. They each also have a free security certificate setup which is extremely important for any website. You can read about its importance here. Each client can also login to their website whenever they want and make updates. It is very easy to do. We also provide training and tutorial videos.

We create websites for any industry and any market. Each of our senior team has over 17 years of experience creating high-quality websites.

Some of the other types of websites we design and build include:

  • Multi-paged websites
  • Blog websites
  • Pop-up websites
  • Campaign websites
  • Landing pages
  • eCommerce online shops
  • Shopping carts
  • Login portals
  • eLearning platforms
  • Membership websites

There is no limit to what we can create!

Side note: If you also need custom website applications and/or database applications built, we can provide full services including pre-planning, proof of concept, rapid prototyping, full custom code development, alpha & beta testing, quality assurance tested, launch and full support.

Below are a few examples of one-page websites:

Golden Prospecting Tours - website
Indulge Cafe and Bistro - Bundaberg website

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