One Page Websites and Mini Website Design

Are you seeking a simple yet quality website? If so, consider a one-page website or a mini-website. They are very effective for some small businesses, PLUS they are less work to create than multi-paged websites, which makes them cheaper. Some additional uses for one-page and mini-websites include:

  • An interim website (temp site while your actual website is being created)
  • A pop-up website for an event, campaign, grass-roots group, etc
  • Many other uses

We create all types of websites (of all shapes and sizes) and each has its time and place. One-page websites are no exception. PLUS they can be updated and expanded over time to become multi-paged websites. In fact, ANYTHING can be added to a one-page website! They are fully updateable, expandable and scalable! If you would like a one-page or mini-website, or would like more information, contact us.

One-page websites still have a navigation menu. Instead of linking to multiple pages, the nav menu buttons link to sections on the one page. Usually, a one-page website has 5 sections including your contact details and an enquiry form. Some one-page websites have over 7 sections. We have included a few examples of one-page websites on this page (see below):

Peace of Mind Dental - website
Landscaping business - website design
Peace of Mind Dental Bundaberg - website design
Indulge Cafe and Bistro - Bundaberg website
Golden Prospecting Tours - website