Strategy, Planning, Marketing and Advertising

We keep up with the latest in marketing and digital advertising so you can focus on your customers and profit margins. We take a holistic approach to marketing using online and offline strategies that are proven to produce measurable results.

The Holistic Approach:

In part the holistic approach means first doing market research. Bench-marking and gaining insights. Sometimes this also means additional work finding out what your markets greatest challenges are, so your business can then be known as the best ‘solutions provider’.

It also means but is not limited to looking at your market and determining where online your ideal buyers hang-out and spend their time. We then market and advertise to them on those websites, social media sites, forums, groups, community sites, etc.

A ‘holistic’ approach also means not putting all your eggs in one basket. A website strategy and performer website are the beginnings of the first step, but they are just a start. Having diversified plans in place that tie in with the website plan is key. They can include:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Inbound Marketing Plan
  • Branding & Marketing Materials Design Plan
  • Lead Generation Plan
  • Social Media Plan
  • Outreach & Website Traffic Plan
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Plan
  • Digital Marketing & Digital Advertising Plan

Sometimes it also includes building your own online community and audience. You may also need a growth coach and digital marketing partner. It is known that businesses that have achieved a level of success and want to retain it, have some if not all these plans in place. They roll them out with help from their digital marketing partner, then review, refine and further improve their plans regularly for ongoing best results.

3rd Party Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing is fast paced and ever-evolving. Strategies that may have worked 12 months ago may not work as well now. Algorithms change, the way people use platforms like facebook change (look at how Messenger and its usage has evolved over the last few years), new devices for viewing websites are introduced, and so-forth. Part of our job is to stay at the forefront of what digital marketing strategies work and which ones don’t.

We don’t make assumptions, instead we make sure we get to know you first to ensure we have a good understanding of your needs and goals, and any challenges and obstacles you may be currently facing. Only once this is done do we begin to provide planning and consultancy assistance and recommendations.

Because of increased competition and other economic factors, more and more businesses need and are seeking a 3rd party marketing partner who lives and breathes ‘this stuff’ day in day out, and who can ACTUALLY get RESULTS… not just ‘talk the talk’.

Each of us at Green Valley Digital are from working class backgrounds. We built our own business from the ground up. We are real, genuine and we only provide recommendations that we know will work; that deliver RESULTS.

Just some of the digital marketing services we provide include:

  • Consultancy
  • Mentoring
  • Growth Coaching
  • Coaching Calls (Skype or Zoom)
  • Website Performance Reviews
  • Website Strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Monitor
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Buyer Persona’s
  • Marketing messages
  • Story based Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Referral Systems
  • Audience Building
  • Crawl, Walk, Run methodology
  • Analytics Data Analysis and Reporting (knowing the numbers)
  • 3 m’s (monitor, measure, modify and improve)
  • Conversion Rate Calculations
  • SMART Goals and KPI’s
  • Holistic Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Campaigns, Services, Promos and Special Offers
  • Implementation and Action Plans
  • Advertising Services
  • Integrated Campaigns

Let’s Talk

If you are seeking a quality, ethical and accountable marketing partner or one-off marketing for your business, organisation, club, charity, grass-roots group, event or campaign, contact us on 1300 887 427 or send and enquiry.

Please note: We also provide Digital Marketing services to marketing managers, coaches and others. We have white label reseller options as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we are sometimes asked:

Is it correct that you are Digital Marketer Labs Plus Members?

Yes that is correct. We are always learning from the very best and also inventing our own strategies that work very, very well.

Do you provide Marketing Plans?

Yes we do. We can view your current Marketing Plan and help you update it. Or we can be commissioned to provide you with a fully ‘done for you’ marketing plan that utilities the best marketing and advertising possible.

Do you provide strategic Google Adwords Campaigns?

Yes we sure do.

Do you use Display Network?

Yes we do. It is a very effective part of any Marketing Plan if used correctly.

Do you provide One-Off Online Sales Funnel Campaigns?

It really depends on your business and what level of result you want. We can discuss this in more depth when we meet or speak.

Do you do market research?

Yes we do. We don’t base things on assumptions. If we did not do market research, we would not be professional marketers. Before doing any marketing and advertising we make sure we understand the market you serve or sell to. We also make sure we target the correct people who actual want what you have.

We also use bench-marking, data supplied by Google and other online data sources, interviewing and many other methods to gather market data. Data gathering (market research), data analysis and ‘data driven decision making’ leads to success.

How long have you been doing this for?

It has been 15 years. I (Jay Daniells) started working full time in the commercial film and TV, media and marketing industry in 2003 for a business in Roma Street, Brisbane. I had previously done 5 years studies. At Roma Street I was mentored by our Marketing Manager. I also worked with other Marketing Managers and Marketing Specialists in Australia. Prior to that I also worked at a Newspaper designing ads and several Sign-writing businesses to name a few. My LinkedIn is here.

Most of my team started in the industry before I did; mostly in the mid to late 90’s.

We have always focused on quality, outstanding results and innovative strategies.

Do you use Facebook and Instagram Advertising?

Yes. We have been using it for what seems like a long time. We started using Facebook Advertising in 2013.

Do you provide YouTube Advertising?

Yes we do. We also use Remarketing.

Do you provide LinkedIn Advertising?

No, currently we don’t. We are going to update our training in this area soon. Atm we refer clients to LinkedSelling who are the experts in this area.

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