Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We have been providing SEO services since 2006. SEO is still an extremely effective marketing activity and is still the #1 way to gain very, very large amounts of organic traffic to your website from the Google, Google Mobile and Bing Search Engines.

Significant traffic increases = significant increases in sales revenue and growth!

If you’re not working with professional SEO experts, you are losing traffic and a HUGE amount of potential customer sales to your competitors.

Imagine the number of people searching Google for what you sell each day (or week)? Even in a regional area, there are many. Imagine if your website does not appear on page 1 in positions 1, 2, 3 or 4 when they do? Think of the sheer amount of potential sales you are missing out on!

If you have had SEO work done on your website in the past, we start by doing an SEO Audit to see what has been done well, and what has been done poorly (and/or is outdated and needs to be removed). This activity includes a written report that will provide you with many insights about the quality of the SEO work done to date (the good, the bad, and the indifferent).

If there has not been any previous SEO work done on your website, we start from scratch.

If you don’t yet know much about SEO, we recommend watching the three below videos:

We provide the following types of SEO:

  • One-off on-website SEO: If you just want to ‘test the SEO waters’ to begin with, we can simply do on-website SEO work
  • Local SEO: For local businesses wanting more business from within the local market they serve. Some useful information about Local SEO is here.
  • Regional SEO Campaign: For those who market within more than 1 community
  • Nationwide SEO Campaign: For businesses that sell products and/or services nationwide
  • SEO Coaching and Mentoring: for those who want to do SEO work themselves. Please note: It is EXTREMELY important to do SEO correctly so that you avoid penalties from Google. Becoming an SEO expert takes years upon years of study, practice and experience. We ensure you are guided to gain a positive result vs shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Rank Reports: We can accurately monitor keyword phrase rankings in Google and/or Bing for you and supply you with a monthly rank report. You might think your website already ranks really well in Google and Bing for keyword phrases you are targeting. If you are using SEO Rank Report software to check your rankings regularly then it most probably is. However, if you are simply using the Google search engine to check your ranking, you need to read this article.
    A far more accurate method to check your keyword phrase rankings is to contact us and ask us to use our account. We can then send you an accurate rank report.
Can Green Valley Digital work with our current website designer and/or developer?

Yes we can, as long as your current website designer/developer agrees… and we feel they are ‘up to the task’.

It is better though to move your website to us. Or if your website is due for an overhaul (or needs a re-design) we can provide you with a brand new high-quality website.

I did some SEO for my website five years ago, do I really need to update it?

Yep, you probably do. In the website and SEO world, 5 years is a long time.

If no SEO work has been done on your website for 5 years, your website is probably not ranking as well in Google as it used to.

Google regularly updates their algorithm, so chances are the SEO work you completed years ago is now outdated and is no longer favoured by the current search engine.

Plus your competitors may have done a lot of aggressive SEO work during the last 5 years to ‘out-play you’. You may need to start pushing back and ‘outplaying them’.

Google also prioritises new and updated content over older content that has been sitting idly for a few years. Ensuring you regularly update your webpages with accurate and up-to-date information is important. Also adding high-quality, engaging and useful blog content is a good way to help boost and maintain your SEO rankings. Some tips to help with blog writing are here.

To add to this, a lot of changes have been made to both SEO and Local SEO practices in the past few years. Refreshing your content using an updated SEO plan (strategy) is a great way to improve your SEO results.

What about all the Spam emails I get from people overseas saying they can do SEO work for me?

Definitely ignore them. Their prices may seem cheap and affordable, but like anything in this world, “You get what you pay for”.

Many are very unethical and are after your money. Many will use very dodgy SEO practices that will hurt your business, not help it. Some even use what is called ‘Negative SEO‘.

Additionally, to do SEO work a person (or team) needs to be able to work on your website. They need to be able to log in to it to do this. If you send your website logins to someone you don’t know in some other country, this also creates BIG security risks. More information about this is here.

Spammers have unfortunately made ‘SEO’ a dirty word in some small business circles.

REAL SEO work though is still the most effective way to gain great volumes of organic visitor traffic to your website. It remains an AMAZING way to increase your sales revenue and profits. It is why we advocate it and have spent years upon years getting good at it. It’s also why clients get us to do SEO work for them.

Here is an example of results we got for one of our SEO clients.

Will you do SEO work on Spec or Equity?

We’re not really fans of doing ‘spec’ work. However we are open to doing SEO work via an equity arrangement. We of course have to do full due diligence first and go through a legitimate legal process before we agree.

We're unsure about SEO? Can your provide us with a 'no money down' SEO trail period?

Sometimes we may agree to do SEO work on a ‘no money down’ initial trial period. That way you get to make sure we are professional SEO people who do the work (vs those who just take money), and that we are easy to work with.

It can also be a way for you to see some initial results.