Logo Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Signage, Video, Animation & Print

Green Valley Digital has been helping businesses develop, review and/or enhance their visual branding for years.

We have over 20 years of experience doing graphic design, branding, signage, logo design, video and animation. We can design (and create) whatever you would like – eg. business cards, posters, signs, flyers, brochures, booklets, packaging labels, logos, fridge magnets, calendars, AGM Reports, website adverts, social media banners, entertaining PowerPoint presentations, etc… and of course websites. You name it and we can design it! Additionally, we can design custom caps, custom t-shirts and other clothing. We can also work with your preferred Printer or we can use ours and then post or freight (and in some cases, deliver) the printed materials to you.

We can design anything in any style that you would like for print, web or TV screen. We are eclectic designers.

Some of us also used to work for a Film and TV Video Post-production Facility at Roma Street in Brisbane. In fact, that is how most of us first met (prior to 2003).

To view examples of our work:

We can also organise trade-show sample bags and things like printed coffee cups, pens, etc. Plus organise clothes, bags, caps embroidery (and other items), badges, etc. Here is an example of a custom badge we created for the Scouts movement a few years ago. We supplied 2000 badges via our preferred manufacturer.

If you need multimedia created, or website landing pages, a pop-up website for an event (or similar activity), eNewsletters, online sales funnels, and/or anything else you can think of, we can do that too.

Below are a few examples of print graphic design, animation and video work we have done. We will add more shortly.

Magazine Advert Design

Above: Magazine Advert Design. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2017.

Business card design - front and back

Business card design for a Cairns based client. We also designed their logo. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2018.

Kees Creative - Business Card design

A simple business card design for Kees Creative. We also designed their logo. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2023.

Jay's Mowing - Business Card design

Jay’s Mowing – business card design. We also designed the logo. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2022.

Above: GrunTea Intro Promo from To The Point Productions on Vimeo. This animated video has been created by Kylie Smith (team member at Green Valley Digital) and her sister-business To The Point Productions.

Shingle Hut Creek Farm - logo design

Logo design for Shingle Hut Creek Farm. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2022.​

Above: A very simple budget video requested by Shingle Hut Creek Farm in 2022.

Christmas Ham Advert design for Gleneden Family Farm

A simple website product banner advertisement design for Gleneden Family Farm. First designed by Jay Daniells. 2021.​

Above: A simple montage video of a boat refurb and repaint project Jay Daniells (owner of Green Valley Digital) did in his spare time during 2019 - 2021.

A simple Facebook Banner Design for KS Embroidery. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2023.​

A Zig Ziglar quote

One of Zig Ziglar’s quotes. A simple banner designed for a presentation.

Above: Thrive Housing Support from To The Point Productions on Vimeo. This animated video has been created by Kylie Smith (team member at Green Valley Digital) and her sister-business To The Point Productions.

Above: Kyber Crystal Necklace - DIY Making of Video. The necklace and the video were created by Jay Daniells (owner of Green Valley Digital).

Above: World Famous in Bundaberg Trailer from James Latter Films on Vimeo. This video trailer was created by James Latter Films. James Latter is one of our go-to Videographers for HD video shoots.

Kiwi Woggle Scout Camp 2020-2021 - A4 Flyer

An A4 double-sided promo flyer for a South-East Qld Scout camp. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2020

Kiwi Woggle Scout Camp 2020-2021 - Sponsorship Pack

The back side of the A4 promo flyer.

Badge design - Scouts Bundaberg

A badge we designed for a South-East Qld Scout Camp during 2020. We arranged 2000 badges to be printed by our preferred manufacturer. Designed by Jay Daniells.

Dead Puppy Logo

A logo design for a Computer Games Company. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2002.

Above: Vehicle signage design. 2019. Designed by Jay Daniells

We made sure this back-of-vehicle sign included their core services and that their phone number was big. Designed by Jay Daniells

Signage design

Above: A 6m banner sign for a Bundaberg based business. A very simple design based on what the client wanted. Designed by Jay Daniells.

Above: Logo Design colour concept. Designed by Jay Daniells. 2017.

Above: Logo colour design options for a client. Designed in 2019.

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