The Background

Shingle Hut Creek Farm had seen the work we had done for another client. They liked our work, so contacted us. Their business was relatively new at that time.

The Problem

There wasn’t an actual problem. Shingle Hut Creek Farm were simply at the stage where they needed:

  • A logo
  • A website
  • A simple short video showing aspects of their farm
  • Some additional graphic design assistance

Amongst things they wanted their logo to include the mountain located near their farm, the creek and the sun.

Our Solution

We set to work designing their logo. It is modern but rural and includes the mountains, the creek and the sun. We then created their website. It is clean, visual, informative and not too over-the-top. It is exactly what they wanted.

During the project brief they requested a blogging platform be built into the website as well, along with a sign-up form that links to their MailChimp account, so we set those things up too.

Some of the additional services we also provided:

The website can be viewed here:
You can view their logo and the video below.

We have also done some initial graphic design work with Shingle Hut Creek Farm that is not yet released, so we can not display it here on our website.

Shingle Hut Creek Farm - website design

The Results

Shingle Hut Creek Farm are very happy with their logo, their new website, the video, graphic design work and all the assistance and guidance we have supplied. The website is only very new; we’ll post more results soon.

Update 9/05/23: Shingle Hut Creek Farm (Dominic and Sandra) supplied us with a written testimonial/ review last week. We have included it below. Thanks heaps to them for the testimonial! 🙂

Client Testimonial:

Below is the written testimonial that the owners of Shingle Hut Creek Farm have sent us:

We had a website created by Jay Daniells and his team at Green Valley Digital last year.

We are new to using the internet to promote our farm and really didn’t know a lot about what was involved. Jay walked us through it step by step. Jay was even happy for us to post images, video files, etc to him (via Snail-mail) since our Internet access here on our farm isn’t great, which meant we couldn’t simply upload or email images and other files to him.

Jay was very patient and let us move at our own speed/pace during the project. He was also very happy to help us learn and provide very easy-to-understand answers to questions we had about how websites work, blogging, MailChimp, etc.

We now know too that to own a website, the Domain Name, email, website hosting, etc all have to be setup. Jay and his tech team were amazing at making this process easy! They did all the tech work – it was no stress whatsoever for us. They handled everything!

It is very obvious that Jay and his team really do have over 20 years of experience!

Jay also designed our logo. We really like it! Plus he created a short video for us which we also really like!

Writing the text for the website was also straightforward. Jay provided guidance as requested; structure, editorial services (advising/ suggesting ideas to further enhance the text which he knew would further improve the website text and its readability), proofreading services and much more!

We now proudly own a gorgeous website with great pictures, video and text! The website is a great representative of how we live, our farm and our business! It also communicates our ‘whys and hows’ perfectly!

We are very happy with the services Jay and his team have provided and recommend him to anyone who wants a professional website with the “WOW” factor for an affordable price.

Update 19/04/24: We have had a lot of comments on how good the website is. We are very happy with how it is working for us.

– Dominic and Sandra (Owners)
Shingle Hut Creek Farm – QLD Australia


The Website:

Here is a screenshot of the website:

Farm business website - home page design

The Video:

Here is the video we created:


The Logo:

Here is the logo we designed:

Shingle Hut Creek Farm - logo

Shingle Hut Creek Farm - logo

Shingle Hut Creek Farm - logo

Jay Daniells

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