Landscaping business - website design

The Brief

Alpha Landscape Construction wanted a new modern custom-designed website. They were having some technical issues with their current email hosting provider, so they wanted their email moved to us as well.

Their old website was outdated and not streamlined. They wanted a new website that would be:

  1. A much better representative of their business online.
  2. Quick to read
  3. Easy to navigate & interact with
  4. Visually appealing with lots of photos to showcase their great landscaping work
  5. A modern website design
  6. A mobile phone optimised website
  7. A website that would make it very easy for people (site visitors) to find their phone number.
  8. Easily found in Google
  9. A site that would encourage people to click into the website from Google
  10. A website that incentivises people to call them

They also wanted a hand to write content for their new website.

Alpha Landscape Construction also informed us that their old website was ranking in Google for certain target keyword phrases. They did not want to lose those rankings when the new website was launched.

Our Approach/ The Solution

As always we asked questions to learn who our client’s ideal customers are, what their business selling points are, what separates their business from their competition (aka: ‘points of differentiation’), and all the other usual things we need to know to create an effective marketing or website solution for a client.

The client provided us with really good information, great photos and some ‘starting point’ draft text for the website (mainly dot-points). We then designed the website, added the photos and turned the dot-point text into ‘website content’ (easy-to-read sentences).

We suggested a one-page website with additional pages (including landing pages) if needed. Alpha Landscape Construction liked this idea.

We also found out what search terms (keyword phrases) their website was ranking for in We then:

  1. Created a new project in our SEMRush account.
  2. Added the list of keyword phrases
  3. We then ran a report to see where the old website was ranking in for each keyword phrase. We then sent the report to the client.

We migrated all SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work from their old website to their new website. This would help ensure their new website remained ranking in once it was launched.

As per any project, we presented our website design to our client (a screenshot of it is below). They very much liked it. We then built the website and did all the usual tests. Some of these included:

  • PC and Mac computer display and functionality testing
  • Mobile phone display and functionality testing
  • Tablet device display and functionality testing

Upon approval from Alpha Landscape Construction, we then launched their new website to our hosting and moved their email to our ’email hosting’.  We then helped them configure their email on their mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers.

We also wrote a new and improved Page Title and Meta-description for the website, to improve the ‘click-through-rate’ from . Note: if you’re not sure what ‘click-through-rate’ is please watch this short video.

Here is the new and improved Page Title and Meta-description which we wrote:

  • Page Title: Landscaping Services Bundaberg – Alpha Landscaping Construction
  • Meta-description: We are dedicated to providing landscaping excellence for both new and existing homes, as well as commercial properties. Pensioner discounts and free quotes. P: 07 4159 7989″

To compare, below is the Page Title and Meta-description that was in their old website (which we did not create, nor write):

  • Page Title: Home
  • Meta-description: Alpha Landscaping Construction are landscaping specialist in both new and existing homes in Bundaberg and its surrounding areas. We bring passion to your landscaping projects. We offer pensioner discounts and free quotes.

Note that the new ‘page title’ actually has a target keyword phrase in it: “landscaping services bundaberg”. It also contained their business name.
The new meta-description also included the words ‘commercial properties’ and their phone number.

Click here to visit the website.

The Results

Alpha Landscape Construction is very happy with what we have done for them. Some of the other results included:

  • They are getting great feedback about their new website.
  • We continue to monitor their rankings in using our SEMRush Account.
  • They have stable email.

Alpha Landscape Construction knows they can contact us at any time if they need further assistance with their website, email, rankings in, marketing work, social media work, graphic design, video, animation or any other marketing and/or promotional work.

Landscaping business - website design

A screenshot of the one-page website.