The Background

Anya Kirstein Photography is a growing business. They know that to grow, they need a professional quality website. They therefore requested that we create a quality ‘stage 1’ one-page website for them. Unlike many modern photography business websites, which look very similar (like this example), our client wanted something different that looked unique but was still ‘website visitor friendly’ and was also within their budget. The website also needed to feature their latest Photo Calendar product.

The Problem

There wasn’t an actual problem. Anya Kirstein Photography simply wanted a website that:

  • Promotes the products they create including Photo Calendars, Photo Clocks and Photo Coasters.
  • Contains information about themselves and their services
  • Showcases examples of their photography work in a mini website gallery
  • Includes customer testimonials
  • Has an easy-to-use quick enquiry form
  • Links to their social media profiles

They also requested:

  • We use a dark colour (ideally black or close to it) as the background colour for the website.
  • Assistance with writing their website content.
  • To make it difficult for images to be downloaded from the website.

Our Solution

We utilised our design process to create an effective, attractive and unique website. It uses a ‘dark background colour’ which the client wanted. We also suggested some ‘pink colour’ to contrast the black background, and because the colour ‘pink’ tied in with many of the photos that they supplied us.

The latest Photo Calendar is featured at the top of the website home page. It also links to a section within the website that contains more information.

We also spent time working with Anya Kirstein Photography to write the text. It is deliberately quick and easy-to-read. As per any good website, the text also provides a very good overview of the business and what it offers.

Time and care was taken to add the photography examples. Some photos also contain a watermark. To make it difficult for images to be downloaded from the website, we used a plugin (a piece of code) to achieve this.

The website can be viewed here:

A quick video showing the website is below:


The Results

Anya Kirstein Photography are extremely pleased with their new website.

We very much wish to thank Anya Kirstein Photography for choosing us to create their website.

Anya Kirstein Photography - website design

Below is a screenshot of the entire one-page website. One-page websites have many benefits. One benefit is that website visitors can get a very good (and quick) idea of your business (an overview) all on one page, without having to use the navigation system to click into other webpages. This is especially handy for those who are viewing your website on their mobile phone.

Side note: Over 50% of website visitors access websites on their mobile phones.

One-page websites can also be easily expanded into multi-paged websites if ever needed. More info about one-page websites is here.

Anya Kirstein Photography - website design


Jay Daniells

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