Google has released some significant changes to their search algorithm this month.

The information in this blog post is very important if you care about the amount of traffic that your website attracts. The reason: this Google Update could be significantly decreasing the amount of traffic to your website right now. If that is happening, I am sure you will want to fix this asap.

If you work for a business or a .org or NFP, your marketing team, SEO team (Search Engine Optimisation team), or an agency your business outsources this work to, is probably writing content for the business website.
On the other hand, if you own the business, chances are an SEO team you outsource SEO work to, is writing content for you… and/or also helping you write effective content.

In either case, the below information is worth noting:

Google released changes this month that will (and already is) negatively affecting websites that have low-quality content written in part or in full by AI tools.

If you want to find out if website content has been written in part or in full by AI tools, you can use this tool:
Simply copy a blog post into it and see what it says. Then copy another. Do this as many times as you feel you need to to be satisfied.

This is a good way to find out if the people writing content for your website (or the business you work for) are spending the time doing the actual work to create quality content, or if they’re trying to churn out low-quality content generated by AI.

Because of the changes in Google this month, websites that are found to be generating this kind of low-quality content, are losing rankings in Google, which means less traffic, which means less ‘website value’, which means less business. Some are even being kicked out of the entire Google index.

As always, content (as part of effective SEO) brings traffic to a website (if done correctly and if the content is of value).

Quality traffic + a great website = business (more enquiries and ultimately great sales/ revenue increases).

If the business you work for (or own) relies on new customer sales (including via the website) it’s worth noting what I have written here.

It’s also worth watching this video:


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