Update 25-07-20: Please note: Adobe apparently no longer offers this. We’ve been told it was only a limited time offer to assist when the first wave of COVID-19 hit.

We have just been told that Adobe are providing 3 months Adobe CC membership subscription relief — As in no monthly payments for the next 3 months. Seems like you have to actually ask for this though.

Here is what we did (hope this works for you too):

  1. We went to the Adobe COVID-19 Response page, then opened up the Live Chat.
  2. The Live Chat is of course using a bot,… so I typed in the word/tag/keyword ‘payment’ then said ‘no’ to the question the bot asked me.
  3. This then put me through to a real person (apparently).
  4. I then asked: “I have heard that Adobe is providing/ waiving the monthly subscription fee to Adobe CC for the next x number of months, due to COVID-19. Is this correct”. They then replied saying, “To support our customers during this difficult time, we would be happy to pause your billing for 3 months. You can continue to use your applications during this 3 month period.”
  5. They then let me know they were going to update my account. They asked me to quickly wait while they did this.
  6. They then came back and said, “I have successfully added free 90 days over your subscription. Your next billing date has been shifted to 19 Jun 2020.”

I can only assume this is legit and Adobe have indeed now waived the next 3 months of my monthly membership fee.
Update 25-03-20: I received email confirmation from Adobe Customer Care that this has been applied to my account.

Thank you Adobe for doing this. We have been using your products for a long time. We appreciate what you are doing.

PS. We also just now asked the Adobe Live Chat person the following question: “Is everyone with an Adobe CC account going to receive this automatically, or do they need to apply?” Their reply was, “They need to contact us with the email registered with Adobe.”

PS. Off-topic: There look to be some great resources on this page of the Adobe website — it is worth having a look.


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