Environmentally Conscious

The environment and mother nature; a thing of beauty to be respected, treated correctly (and lovely) and something ALL of us can’t live without. We passionately care about the environment. We support others working tirelessly to keep our environment natural and pristine, and those doing everything they can to help reverse the damage already done to this wonderful planet. We only have one home (earth) and we believe in “leaving it in a better state than we found it” for the next generations… and those well into the future.

We have over 80 years of combined website design, website development, brand development, graphic design, digital asset and creative media creation experience… plus over 13 years of digital marketing experience. We are green by name and green by nature. We also host websites on highly reputable Australian-based website hosting. To discuss us working for you and/or your next project, please contact us online via our quick enquiry form or fill out our request a quote form or phone us on 1300 887 427.

Update 2/07/24: below is what one recent client has written about us (their name is withheld for confidentiality).

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5 star Google Reviews

We very much appreciate the generous amount of time you invested in sharing thoughts and recommendations. It has provided clarity on our direction. If not for this, we may still be going around in circles among ourselves. Furthermore, we are impressed with the green philosophy of Green Valley Digital, we are wondering if you would be amenable to us giving your company a little shout-out in our July newsletter.

– [Name withheld – confidential]

All work is done here in Australia

All work we do is done here in Australia by our trusted team. More info about why this is so important (including the security of your website) is here.
We do NOT outsource work to people in other countries like many others do.

When you work with us you are working with fellow Australians. Your money stays in the Australian economy and you are helping support fellow Australian families.


Times are tough atm, can you work at reduced fees?

With increased costs of living, we very much know that times are financially tough atm. We have been and will continue to do work at reduced rates if needed. We have a variety of ways we can do this and we’re happy to discuss them with you, upon your request.

Do you do discounted work and/or pro-bono work for charities, grass-roots groups and environmental groups?

We are community-minded people. We believe in volunteering, helping, being useful, assisting where able and “many hands make light work”.

If you are involved in a charity, conservation group, environmental group, or grass-roots group, or similar, we are happy to discuss providing partial contra, pro bono (partial and/or possibly in full), discounted rates and/or special project arrangements.

Why Choose Us


We care!

Without the natural environment, what do we have? (rhetorical). It’s a duty of care to look after this planet. We’re a conscious team that works with others who stand up and do what they can to make a difference. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being very good at what we do. We can put our skills to work and help you create increased awareness about what you do. We provide excellent brand development, branding design, impactful website design, clear messaging, emotive digital marketing, digital advertising, graphic design, high-impact signage design, video, animation and much, much more.


Own a Highly Appealing Website that Yields Results

We craft your website so it is highly appealing to your ideal target audiences. This ensures it will convert and/or achieve your desired outcomes. It will aid you with your mission. Our website designers also focus on making you stand out. Memorable design and messaging methods are also employed.


A Website Visitor Traffic Driver

Employ website visitor traffic-driving strategies so LARGE amounts of people discover your website, month in month out when they are searching Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines. Gain more awareness.


Website Security

The security of your website is massively important to us, and we know it is massively important to you too! That is why we ONLY use the most trusted Australian-based Website Hosting and have many, many additional security protocols, layers of security and multiple firewalls in place. All work we do is done by Australians based in Australia. This too aids your security. More info is here.


Best After-sale Service & Support

Our support and availability is unmatched. We’re always available and reply to emails quickly, receive phone calls and help you with any jobs you would like done (that involves the services we offer).


Website Writing

If you don’t have time to write your website text or don’t feel comfortable doing it, we can write it for you. It is one of our many services. If you want or need a blog, we can write, co-write and publish blog posts for you too.


Update Your Website Content With Easy!

Unlike many websites, our websites are VERY EASY to login and update, anytime! Plus we provide you with one-2-one training and video recordings of the training. Additionally, if you ever have a question, seek advice or you are feeling time-poor and want us to update the website content for you (based on your instructions), we can do that too!


Marketing Growth

If you are seeking more growth and more awareness, we have extensive experience with advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), skills in writing and publishing cornerstone content, inbound marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing, Facebook targeted ads, online sales funnels, lead generation, and much more. We also provide growth roadmaps and have growth accelerator programs.


Repayment Plans Are An Option

Our prices are as affordable and fair as they possibly can be! Your hard-earned money is not wasted when working with us, and we do not inflate or bloat our quotes. We are all Australians and we believe in the spirit of “true-blue”. Interest-free repayment plans are on offer if needed. More info is here. We also have ‘low upfront fee and low ongoing fee’ options for small websites.


Less Spam

Do you get a lot of spam in your email? We provide a variety of business-grade email options that help reduce spam. Many of our clients choose to host their email with us. You can leave your email hosting where it is if you would like, however, if you are getting a lot of spam, our email options are of benefit.

We could write a tonne of other reasons about why to choose us, but who wants to read a long-winded page of salesy-sounding text? Let our actions speak louder than our words. 

Coral Sea Dreaming - website design

Coral Sea Dreaming
Learn more about this project: Read the case study

Clownfish in coral
Gleneden Family Farm - website design

Gleneden Farm
Learn more about this project: Read the case study

Early morning fog in Queensland - Shingle Hut Creek Farm - Nature Refuge
Shingle Hut Creek Farm - website design

Shingle Hut Creek Farm
Learn more about this project: Read the case study

Green plant graphic

Below are what just a few of our clients say about us. You can read more client reviews (testimonials) on our website home page.

This is no ordinary business! We have worked with other SEO agencies and website designers and marketers before but found they were lacklustre to say the least! They kept us in the dark, took our money but delivered very little in the way of assistance or growth. Jay and the Green Valley Digital team are the complete opposite! They are incredible! We receive regular updates from them, SEO rank reports, analytics reports (that are easy to understand), amazing data from HotJar (if you have not used this software, we highly recommend you do), our website now looks fantastic AND they have helped us reach every single one of our goals! Thank you SO much to Jay and the team! We wished we were referred to you years ago!

– [Name withheld – confidential] – 2024

I paid some guy (who was not Jay or Green Valley Digital) to create a new website for my business. I REALLY regret doing so. This guy was difficult to work with, was really slow (I was waiting months) and didn’t show me his progress until a few days before the project was due to launch. He also didn’t mention anything to do with security. I know now that the guy was a total amateur. I even think he had a team in some country like India doing the actual work on the cheap. I now know better than to choose a website person (or team) based on price.  He didn’t even listen to my feedback or make the changes I wanted, ONCE I finally saw what he had created. The experience was terrible to say the least.

So I then jumped on Google and found Jay’s website. I contacted him urgently on a Saturday. He happily received my call. We chatted and I knew straight away I was speaking with an experienced professional. On the Monday I got the website build from the guy who created it. I then gave it to Jay. Jay gave me recommendations as to what needed to be done and fixed (including many security fixes). Jay’s quote was fair, I agreed to it and by Wednesday that week, my site was finished (including the changes I wanted) and was live on the internet. I cannot recommend Jay enough!

– Matt (Business Owner) – Queensland – 2022

Our old website was ugly, uninspired and unwelcoming and we didn’t rank in Google, nor did we often receive online enquiries. Then we approached Jay. He provided us with a fantastic new website that truly reflects our business and its values. It has dramatically increased our visibility in Google and number of enquiries. Jay and his team delivered on all this superbly! Jay even educated us on Google ranking, SEO, Adwords, landing pages, industry benchmarking, eNewsletters and much more. We also found Jay to be very collaborative; he would and still does always respond to emails and phone calls quickly (even later in the evenings). Thank you Jay and Green Valley Digital!

– [Name withheld – confidential] – 2023

The team at Green Valley Digital have been the mainstay of our business website for over 13 years. They designed and launched our website years ago with vision, a plan and a strategy specifically for us. We can honestly say it has worked brilliantly! They created our website over 9 years ago and it still looks great. We love it! Plus the SEO work has been of tremendous benefit! Their knowledge of his industry is quite frankly amazing!
Jay: Please know you and your team are very much appreciated for the professionals you are, but also for genuinely caring about us and our business. Our business has remained successful all these years by and large because of your help.

– [Name withheld – confidential] – 2024

We had a website created by Green Valley Digital last year.

We are new to using the internet to promote our farm and really didn’t know a lot about what was involved. They walked us through it step by step.

Green Valley Digital were very patient and let us move at our own speed/pace during the project. Jay and the team were also very happy to help us learn and provide very easy-to-understand answers to questions we had about how websites work, blogging, MailChimp, etc. They were amazing at making the process easy! They did all the tech work – it was no stress whatsoever for us. They handled everything!

They also designed our logo. We really like it! Plus they created a short video for us which we also really like!

Writing the text for the website was also straightforward. Green Valley Digital provided guidance, editorial services, proofreading and much more!

We now proudly own a gorgeous website with great pictures, video and text! The website is a great representative of how we live, our farm and our business! It also communicates our ‘whys and hows’ perfectly!

We are very happy with the services Green Valley Digital have provided and recommend them to anyone who wants a professional website with the “WOW” factor for an affordable price.

– Dominic and Sandra (Owners)
Shingle Hut Creek Farm – QLD Australia – 2023

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