Below are some examples of a basic level event branding package we created in 2020 for the Bundaberg District Scout Group.
The founder of our business at Green Valley Digital (Jay Daniells) volunteers in the Scouting movement. He himself was also a Scout as a kid.

In 2020 it was Bundaberg’s turn to host a South-East Queensland Scout Camp called Kiwi Woggle. Scouting groups travel from all over including Brisbane to attend this event each year. Jay was and is on the planning committee for this event. Due to COVID-19 the event was postponed till 2021.

Being on the committee Jay volunteered to utilise his skills to assemble a basic level branding and sponsorship promo package for the event. It included:

If required, Jay will also design other materials including but not limited to:

  • Vinyl Banners for wider community awareness
  • Event Program
  • Booklets
  • Other promotional materials
  • Social Media video
  • Video of the event
  • Anything else needed

Below are some of the materials Jay has designed for the camp so far:

Kiwi Woggle 2021 website - Scouts Queensland


Kiwi Woggle 2020 - logo design


Kiwi Woggle Scout Camp 2020-2021 - A4 Flyer


Kiwi Woggle Scout Camp 2020-2021 - Sponsorship Pack


Badge design

The basic badge design we created for the Scout Camp. We chose a maroon background colour since we are Queenslanders! 🙂


Side note: The Kiwi Woggle event committee is very happy and willing to receive sponsorship from businesses, organisations or any entity type (private and public). If you would like to become a sponsor please call Matt Gees on 0427 768 228.