As of the 1st of February 2024, Google and Yahoo are introducing new requirements if you plan to deliver ‘bulk emails’ to people who use their email services. They are doing this as part of improved security. Info about it is here.

These new requirements primarily impact two groups of email senders:

  • Large senders, or anyone who sends to more than 5,000 Gmail or Yahoo email addresses on any single day.
  • Anyone who uses a Gmail email address as their “From” email address when sending emails through any email service provider, regardless of sending volume or the email domains of their recipients.

If you send bulk emails: I would first read this blog post in full. I would then follow the recommendations in that blog post. I’d suggest also contacting your IT Provider who looks after your email to find out if they are making the required changes at their end, and/or ask them to.
If your email is with us, these changes are being made.

With email security becoming an even BIGGER concern, and with those like Google and Yahoo attempting to reduce the amount of spam, scam and very harmful forms of email (I also wrote a related blog post about this last year), I would recommend making sure the recommended changes are made to your email system, even if you don’t send bulk emails. Better to know your emails have the greatest chance of being delivered to people who use Google or Yahoo for their email, than finding out your emails are not getting delivered.

Side note: We don’t recommend ever sending bulk emails directly from your email address. This can cause upsets. Amongst things, this can get your email address flagged as a spammer. This can then cause very challenging issues. Info is here.
If you want to send bulk emails, please use an actual Email Mailing List program like MailChimp. Please note: We teach clients how to use MailChimp and have been since 2010.

Even if you already us programs like MailChimp, there are things you need to know, that are directly related to the Google and Yahoo changes. Info is here.

Additional side note: If you do already use programs like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Brevo, etc to send emails to your mailing lists, there are some additional good tips in this article that will help ensure the greatest number of people open and read your emails.

Jay Daniells

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