Malware can be vicious. For many years we have been recommending all our clients use Malwarebytes. As in, purchasing one or more licenses and keeping it up to date on all computers in your home and workplace.

If you have a Cyber Security IT expert working for your business (either as an in-house team member (or team), or a 3rd party consultant) they will also provide additional information about fighting Malware… and also ‘how to stay safe online’. If you don’t currently have an expert providing this service, it’s well worth contacting Cyber Security IT professionals and choosing one to work for you. Amongst things, they will provide you with an  ‘online security implementation and action plan’. It’s well worth doing this in your home as well.

Quick Tip: This little activity can also be a very good idea too:

Write a list (maybe in an Excel file or an MS Word doc, or similar) of all desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones that you, your staff and your family use. For each, then write a list of all the ways you (and they) keep each device secure. Also note when each activity was last done, and how often it needs to be done. You can then take this list to your preferred IT cyber security expert, and ask them to review what you have written and request their feedback and recommendations.

Jay Daniells

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