In our efforts to provide more and more information to help you stay safe online, in the below blog post I am writing quickly about Password Protection Managers.

What are they? They’re a cloud-based tool where you can store your login details (including passwords).

There are many Password Protection Managers on the market and some have been around for many years.

Maybe you already use a Password Protection Manager and all your account logins are stored in it. If not, is it worth doing? I believe it is. Many others all around the world also believe it is.

How to choose the right Password Protection Manager? There are so many. I’ve been using LastPass for a fair while. Others I know use it or Bitwarden. If you’re not currently using a Password Protection Manager perhaps look at Bitwarden. I may also start using it soon.

Side notes: 

  • It’s well-known not to use the same password for more than one online account. If you are doing so, now will be a good time to create new passwords for all the online accounts you access.
  • The idea is not to create passwords that you can easily remember. They need to be very hard to guess to stop botnets and other “bots” (as they are called)  from guessing them.
  • Keeping your passwords in a physical notebook might be ok, but what happens if/when you lose the notebook? You might misplace it, you might lose it when moving house/ relocating, or while on a holiday, or in some other way.
  • If you use a Password Protection Manager you need a primary password to access your account (to then access all your other logins/passwords within it). Store this primary password somewhere extremely safe and somewhere that is COMPLETELY offline and don’t label what it is. Here is where I store it. I label it with a name that only I know the meaning of. I keep the password in my filing cabinet, in a secure place in my office… and with two highly trusted team members (in case anything should ever happen to me).
  • Identity theft, bank account robbery, ransomware viruses, computer hacking, privacy, etc are just some of the reasons why you want to keep your passwords very, very secure.

Jay Daniells

About the Author: Jay Daniells

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