This blog post is VERY important if you own a Domain Name ending in This means you have priority access to getting the new shorter .au Domain Name version that matches your version.
By claiming the .au before the 20th of September, you will be protecting (safeguarding) your business brand by ensuring no competitors (or anyone else, including scammers) can register it and cause problems for your business.

We recommend asking us to register the .au Domain Name for you before the 20th of September. By doing so you will be helping protect:

  • Your business
  • Your security
  • Customer loyalty
  • Your brand identity

After the 20th of September, you can still register the .au, however it will be open to the public after the 20th of Sep, which means anyone will be able to register it.

More information about .au Domain Names and the rules associated with them is here on the auDA website.

Please note: If your website is not currently hosted with us, and/or we don’t currently work for you, we can register the .au Domain Name for you too. We’re always happy to work for new customers. Feel free to send us an enquiry via our contact us page.


Jay Daniells

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