Baker O’Brien Toll Lawyers contacted us to create their new website. They also required some digital strategy. They had heard good things about us through two separate friends, who had both previously been involved in commissioning us to create websites. Baker O’Brien Toll Lawyers wanted a new website that was not ‘traditional’ or generic. They wanted something great! Something they would be proud to own… and something that would correctly represent their business.

The Brief

Baker O’Brien Toll Lawyers had a website but wanted something brand new that was different and unique from other law firm websites. They also wanted the new website to help exceed their goals. Some additional aspects of the brief included:

  • A much more modern website compared to their old site
  • Attractive
  • Memorable design
  • A site that younger and older people would both respond to
  • Attention grabbing but nothing too outlandish. They still wanted an element of ‘conservative-ness’
  • Easy to use navigation
  • A page about the business written in Chinese (Mandarin)

Below is a short walk-through video (sped up a little) showing some parts of their new website. (Please note it contains music — you might want to turn your volume down):

Our Approach

After gathering information about their needs, goals, the geographic area they service and other important information, Jay Daniells (the owner of Green Valley Digital) provided initial consultancy in the following areas:

  • Website Traffic
  • Website Conversions
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Phone Friendly Design
  • Website Writing Style (using a factual but also semi-emotive writing style — so that the site visitors would feel this is a really caring law firm, who can deliver results and has their clients best interests at heart)
  • Information Architecture (logical grouping of content, effective navigation methods, ensuring the site explains all the services the law firm offers… but without going overboard or becoming bloated or hard to read and understand)
  • Answering questions related to social media
  • Usability

Before we start any website re-design project, we also find out:

  1. If they have login access to the Google Analytics account that was setup on their old site (so we can view historic visitor traffic information and do bench-marketing as part of setting new website performance goals). We have a short article that explains the importance of using Google Analytics here.
  2. If they ever paid anyone to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work or SEO campaign work in the past. If so, could they show me the last ‘Google Keyword Phrase Ranking Report’ supplied to them.
  3. If there were any landing pages, online sales funnel landing pages, staff or sales login portals, or any other hidden pages setup in the old site that needed to be moved to the new site.

Side note related to point 2 (above): These are VERY important questions to ask when doing ANY website redesign project for anyone and/or any business.
Imagine for a moment this scenario:
You have previously paid money for SEO and/or Google Adwords work to be done in your old site, and had good results with it (as in, it produced and still produces great increases in quality traffic, large increases in enquiries and sales)… but then the person (or team) who create your new website does not know to migrate the on-website SEO work or the Adwords landing pages (or other things) into your new website. Your new website will launch, your rankings and visibility in Google are gone and the numbers of enquiries (and sales) you have gotten very used to will disappear overnight. Why?
Because the SEO work was not migrated and your Adwords efforts are also now taking a hit because their landing pages are missing. YOUR website no longer producing good enquiries and sales. It is now a dead-fish! OUCH!!

A plan was then assembled. Jay then began the design process with the client. The client also requested mentoring and production sessions during the project so that we would assist with:

  • Website writing guidance
  • General morale in assembling the content from each department
  • Additional tutoring with adding content into the site
  • Further understanding in areas of website traffic acquisition including SEO, Google Adwords, social media and other areas of digital marketing and digital advertising.

When we designed the site, we ensured we followed the brief clearly (which we do for all sites). Our design recommendations and approaches included:

  • Clean design
  • Easy to read pages
  • We suggested using some animated text on the home page to make a stronger first impression
  • Mobile-First Design methodology. Info about this is here
  • Strong ‘call to action’ buttons
  • Easy to spot icons linking to their Facebook Business Page
  • Immersive ‘full computer screen’ design
  • Site Search feature. The business provides a lot of services, so an easy to use site search feature would make it faster for site visitors to find specific information they are looking for.
  • Memorable and unique design

When we launched the website we also made sure:

The Results

A very happy client! 🙂
It has only been 2 weeks since this new website has been launched. You can view the new website here. We will update this blog article soon with more information. Below is the post they put on their Facebook business page: