This is part 3 of a 3 part blog post. Here are links to part 1 and part 2.

1/ Measuring Performance

If you are mathematically inclined and/or analytical, collecting KPI data (Key Performance Indicator) data is also very useful. Note: If you don’t find this enjoyable, find a team member who can do this well (and accurately) and have them report this information to you every week, or hire a 3rd party. Make sure they explain the data in a way that makes good sense to you. This is one of many activities we do for clients who request it.

Measuring KPI’s will help you get a more complete picture of your business and its trajectory.
You can then make more informed decisions, including decisions related to further growth…. and/ or retaining your current market position if you are already at capacity and don’t want/ need further growth, but also don’t want to slip and lose the growth you have now achieved.

The KPI’s you track don’t just have to relate to the financials either, they can also refer to your website, your social media and pretty much every aspect of your business, including staff productivity.

  • Website: At the very least make sure Google Analytics is set up correctly within your website. Then review the data every month. Work with an expert if you need to. Also do similar with HotJar and/or CrazyEgg.
  • Facebook: Review the ‘Insights’ data and other data that Facebook provides you. If you run ads, review them often too. Same thing if you run Google Ads and/or ads on any other online platform.
  • Staff productivity: Have them track their time every day using a tool like Toggl. I suggest enforcing this. As in, make sure every staff member knows that it is a requirement of their job that they track their time accurately EVERY DAY!  If they don’t, give them a warning. Three warnings and they’re out. Review this data every week. You’ll soon see who is productive and who isn’t.

2/ Get the right team

Either employ a team in-house, hire sub-contractors or hire a 3rd party. If you want significant growth, a team will be key.

Share your vision with your team! This will help inspire them. It will also ensure they know what the vision actually is. Don’t assume they know, especially if you have never shared it with them in writing (and have made sure they have read it and understand it). It will help you ALL reach the business goals more quickly!

It almost goes without saying to make sure they are the right people. If they are not skilled enough, not passionate about achieving your business goals (including growth), are upsetting your workplace, are upsetting you and/or your other team members and/or are not competent … and/or are not doing their job well enough, give them a few warnings. If they don’t pick their game up, I suggest parting ways with them. Of course, that is just my opinion… but also the opinion of anyone who has achieved good levels of business financial success.

This concludes our 3-part blog post series. There are of course additional ways to help grow your business more quickly. This blog article series though focuses on good initial activities to implement.

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