No business person or business owner likes negative reviews. It is a good idea to regularly check your Google Business Profile, your Facebook Business Page and anywhere else online where people can write reviews about your business.

If you see negative reviews, here is what to do about them:

  • Think carefully before replying.
  • Do reply to them. It is better to reply to them, vs not doing so. Negative reviews that don’t get replied to indicate to other people who see them that either: you don’t care about your business, you’re not monitoring reviews, or you may no longer be in business.
  • Acknowledge the problem in your reply.
  • ALWAYS say “thank you”.
  • Apologise even if your customer is not right.
  • Compensate them with an amasing offer.
  • Take the conversation offline. Suggest they contact you.
  • Don’t ask to remove the review as this could make the situation even worse.

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Jay Daniells

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