Two of us from our extended team are here today at an advanced 1 day masterclass run by the one and only Molly Pittman!… who is the founder of Team Traffic and used to work for Ryan and the team at  It has been a brilliant day… as we knew it would be!

No time right now to share key insights we learned today about the best ways in 2019 to achieve the best results from targeted Facebook Advertising while at the same time keeping the Cost-per-click (CPC) as low as possible, but below is a video from late last year where Molly shares information about how to create highly targeted/appealing advertising imagery, text and related topics for successful Facebook Ads.

Update 9/08/19: This video is no longer available. The below video is worth a watch though. Ezra and Molly share some fantastic information!

Update 16/05/19: I have decided to also share this video where Molly and one of her team (Ezra) share additional information. It too is recent and up to date information. I recommend watching it:


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