Case Study: Valentine’s Day Competition Marketing Campaign for a Tourism Business

Case Study: Valentine’s Day Competition Marketing Campaign for a Tourism Business

In late 2020 one of our Queensland-based tourism business clients needed more immediate business after the ‘COVID-19 2020 lockdown’. They already knew that digital marketing and digital advertising was effective and cheaper than traditional advertising. They commissioned us to conceive and implement a digital advertising campaign for their business. The results were excellent.

Presenting to Camera Authentically – Native Content Style

Last Friday 2 of my clients asked me how to best promote a live gig they needed to still sell some tickets for. The live gig was the following Thursday evening, so not much time. I recommended we use facebook advertising using a short 20 second (ish) video of them (or their staff) explaining the event. I could then use it run some Facebook ads. They could also post it organically to their facebook page. This little blog post contains the great video they created and talks about some of the things I explain and recommend to clients when coaching them on how to present to camera to keep it real, keep it authentic and not be boring and instead KEEP it fun, interesting and entertaining to watch!

Video: 5 Elements of A High Converting Facebook Ad Campaign

Two of us from our extended team are here today at an advanced 1 day masterclass run by the one and only Molly Pittman!… who is the founder of Team Traffic and used to work for Ryan and the team at I don’t have time right now to share key insights from today, but here is a great video where Molly shares additional insights about creating excellent facebook ads.