The Brief

The team at 1770 Beach Accommodation contacted us back in 2014. We’ve been working with them ever since. They had heard about us and that we were and are reliable. They also heard we’re really good at what we do… and that our expertise could greatly benefit their business. Amongst things they’d heard we could provide a really HIGH-quality ‘conversion-focused website’ for their business, digital marketing strategies and creative skill to assist them in all areas in this digital age. They’d also heard our fees were VERY competitive and we offer great value.

Client Testimonial:

Below is the written testimonial that the owners of 1770 Beach Accommodation have sent us:

“Update 6/06/23: Jay and is team created our website back in 2014. We greatly appreciate the efforts and professional support Jay Daniells and the team at Green Valley Digital have provided all these years!”

Testimonial from 2015:
“1770 Beach Accommodation is an independently owned and operated business with a strong belief in supporting other small business operators within our local community. It was really important for us to find a team whose ethos matched our own and for us to have total confidence that we would be supported and guided by professionals who really know what they are doing. Green Valley Digital understands the direction our business is going and continually looks for new and innovative ways for us to grow our customer base. When looking for a support team we found that Jay offered a continuous line of open communication and direction with a one-stop shop of fabulous professionals who can meet all our business needs. Yes, they are all based in Australia and we can always rely on them. We can always ask them for help in real-time any time. We love our stunning website which Jay and his team built from scratch. The Blog articles are professionally written, interesting and relevant, and work in very well with our Facebook promotions. All facets of our Business needs are being continually met by Green Valley Digital. This saves us so much time and takes away a lot of stress allowing us to concentrate on the daily operations of our Business. By supporting each other locally in every one of our communities, we help ourselves & others to be self-sustainable, this then helps to create new businesses & jobs all over Australia. Keep our great home grown talent working and give them the ability to support their families and communities.”

– 1770 Beach Accommodation
1770 Beach Accommodation – Agnes Water, Australia


Since 2014 we have helped 1770 Beach Accommodation with many things including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), traffic-driving strategies, Facebook/Social Media tutoring and guidance, email newsletter assistance, mailing list growth, creating their new website and a lot more.

Update: 9 June 2023: The website still performs brilliantly! You can view the website here.

1770 Beach Accommodation - website home page design

The home page of the 1770 Beach Accommodation website.

Some of the criteria that 1770 Beach Accommodation had for the new website included:

  • Must be modern!
  • The site must appeal to customers (or potential customers) of all ages. Therefore the site needed to be sophisticated but also really appealing and very easy to navigate and read.
  • Must be very attractive and really ‘showcase the business’, including the holiday accommodation and permanent rental properties and the region.
  • Be a comprehensive website that really explains why their business is different, and why it is the right business to choose vs those of their competitors.
  • Must be a fast loading mobile phone friendly website.
  • Include content that is up to date.
  • Ability to choose which holiday accommodation properties are featured on the home page.
  • Integrate with their Property Management System, Channel Manager and Online Booking System.
  • Ability to update the website themselves including adding and removing properties.
  • A site design that appeals to their many varied customers and target audiences.
  • Clearly promote each of their Social Media Channels.
  • A site that is built so it is Search Engine Friendly and so that SEO campaign work can be done effectively.
  • A blog built into the website so they can ‘blog for business’ as part of the inbound marketing strategy.

Our Approach

After exploring their goals and expectations in depth, we proceeded with our strategic planning method. We then presented our strategic plan, which the client liked very much! Once quotes were approved, we then designed a ‘website home page mock-up’ (design concept) that we knew would be a great design and would aid with the performance of the new website. The client loved it… and they could see how it would help achieve their goals; both now and into the future.

We then completed the website design stage, and then proceeded to the website development stage.

During the website project we also did the following:

  • Made sure the home page clearly explains what their business does at a glance and what their core services are. This was to ensure the website passed the 3-5 Second Rule (‘The Blink Test’).
  • Re-organised a lot of the text from their old website so it was well written and faster for their site visitors to read but of equal, if not, higher quality and value.
  • Built the site so it is Search Engine Friendly.
  • Assisted with blog articles.
  • Structured the website so it was logical to navigate.
  • Integrated the site with their Property Management System, Channel Manager and Online Booking System.
  • Photos within the website were also treated with respect and care. All the photos were correctly resized and optimised to ensure they load fast. We helped 1770 Beach Accommodation find new photos that really do the website, business and the region justice.
  • Built the website so they can login and do updates whenever they like. They can also easily add or remove properties and easily nominate which properties appear on the home page as ‘featured properties’.
  • Built the website using ‘Responsive Mobile Design’ to ensure it is mobile phone friendly.
  • Designed each page of the site so information is presented clearly.
  • Provided consultancy and recommendations on how to use the website to help build their mailing list.
  • Did SEO work and continue to assist them with this. They know that SEO is a never-ending marketing growth activity and is integral in every aspect of running a small business type such as theirs.
  • We also sent (and still send) them regular SEO Target Keyword Phrase Rank Reports.
  • Set up and configured ‘Website Caching’ and other Page Speed Optimisation techniques to ensure the pages of the site load fast.
  • Did security maintenance work and regular backups of the site… which should be done on ANY website btw. We still do this for them.
  • We used Facebook and Google Search to assist with HEAPS more people around Australia (and overseas) in learning about their business and the 1770 and Agnes Water Region.
  • We showcased their website in our own Green Valley Digital email newsletter, which also helped promote the business.
  • We run Google Adwords Campaigns for them,
  • We arranged for Facebook Targeted Ads to be run. One campaign saw their number of ‘likes’ increase by 6,000 within a very short space of time!
  • Social Proof: utilising social media to prove to site visitors that their business is ideal.
  • Provided many other additional digital marketing strategies.
  • Backed-up/archived their old site prior to launching their new site.
  • Made sure Google Analytics was setup and that they have access.
  • Provided training so they know how to login and update their website. We trained several staff members.
  • Provide hosting services for their new website.

The Results

A very, very happy client :). 1770 Beach Accommodation work closely with us and report goals they’ve achieved, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and other successes which they track. We have a close working relationship (as we do with all of our clients) and they trust us fully. We’ve seen them go from strength to strength.

We can’t provide actual goal and KPI data that 1770 Beach Accommodation have shared with us nor provide exact digital marketing strategies we have done with them as that would breach confidentiality (which we take very seriously), but we can say our client is very happy. Click here to view the website.