When I coach, direct or mentor clients to talk to camera, whether it be for:

  • A video Sale Letter
  • A video for a Facebook Post or a Facebook Live Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Or any other thing…

…I always recommend:

Never read from a teleprompter unless you are highly trained at doing so and can pull it off without it AT ALL looking like you are reading from one (or even glancing or getting prompts from one. I also recommend:

  • Never appear ‘wooden’ or overly rehearsed
  • Keep it real
  • Be FUN! :). I always say to clients, “no one likes boring”
  • Be real and keep it genuine. Say what you want to say from the heart
  • Don’t over-rehearse a script. Sure, have some dot points about what you want to say but when it comes to presenting to camera, ad-lib, be your authentic self!

I recommend these things because all of us humans can detect something that is too rehearsed (or contrived) a mile away.. .and we DON’T respond well to it.
Most of us in this world are not highly trained actors with years upon years of experience who can actually ‘act’ from a script word for word but not make it look rehearsed or fake. Nor do we need to be. It does not take too much practice to get good in front of a camera. For us mere mortals though, to do it effectively we just need to:

  • ACTUALLY be fully authentic
  • fully ‘in the moment’
  • … and really engaged with the camera like we are actually having an engaging REAL conversation or sharing some key information with someone face to face in a way that is interesting and compelling because we ‘WANT TO MAKE SURE’ that we ‘capture and retain their intention’ so we can ‘pass on’/ share the info effectively, SO WE GET OUR POINT ACROSS and therefore ‘effectively communicate our message’ to them.

Here’s a quick little client story about a great little video one of my clients created last Friday:

SO, last Friday I had a meeting with one of my clients. They asked me what would be a great way to quickly get a message out about a gig they are selling tickets for (the gig is this Thursday — they still had some to sell). My answer was…

An authentic short ‘real’ and ‘fun’ video that:

  • They can then post to their facebook page with some good text, emoticons, hashtags, etc… so they can then additionally share it to relevant local (and regional) community facebook closed groups
  • They can then also boost the post if they want
  • I can use the Facebook Ads Manager and run some targeted facebook ads using the video… and get the video (the advert and relevant text/info) to a HEAP of additional people in a very, very targeted way. <– in the end this wasn’t done. We got the result without the need.

I then coached them on how to create the videos and explained all the things I have mentioned above in this blog post. I also suggested they find a fun background to do the video shoot in front of, and just ‘have fun with it’. I also asked them to do as many takes as they needed, remembering to keep each one short… and to supply me the final 5 versions that they liked the best.

They did great!!! πŸ™‚
”Β What a couple of characters!”, was what someone in Japan said. Yep, within moments of posting the video it EVEN got seen in Japan!

Below is the video they posted. I personally think it is great! It is soo, soo authentic and sooo them!

Within moments of posting this video to facebook they had likes (love hearts) and comments!

They certainly ‘kept it real’ and had great fun with it! πŸ™‚ . Great work Suzy and Jenny!! πŸ™‚ (owners of Oodies Cafe). What a great little video they created!!! πŸ™‚

In a previous recent blog post I wrote about recent updated training I did in Brisbane to do with video for social media, facebook ads, getting the best result from facebook ads (at best/cheapest advertising prices (ad-spends) and native content (and what that means) and why it is SOO important to keep your facebook ads and posts ‘very real’ when using facebook as a platform to help with your marketing. You can find this blog post here. It is well worth a quick read. There are also some ‘very’ useful videos on that page I definitely encourage you to watch if you are interested in getting an ACTUAL ROI result from your Facebook efforts in 2019 and beyond.

PS. We also just launched the new website for Oodies CafeΒ in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia. A screenshot of the home page is below. Creating the site was an absolute pleasure, taking the photos was a ball and writing much of its text was very, very fun! … And getting to eat the food they prepared for me after taking photos of it was VERY, VERY delicious to say the least! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
Oodies is a fantastic cafe!! If you come to Bundaberg, definitely stop by! Let the crew there know that you read a blog article about their cafe on our website :). They are great people! πŸ™‚

Side note: this page explains how they came up with their name. It’s well worth a read πŸ™‚Β  (hint: “Goodies, goodie goodie yum yum…” )

Oodies Cafe - Bundaberg - website design - home page

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